The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten has launched the 2018 Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Environmental Partnership Fund. This fund supports local environmental initiatives by communities, individuals and not-for-profit groups.

Last year, Minister Naughten secured increased funding for the LA21 Scheme to €460,000 and this year the Minister is maintaining this level of funding. Funding provided by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment is matched by Local Authorities, and projects may also attract funding from other sources.

Launching the 2018 Scheme Minister Naughten stated: “Today is an important funding announcement for communities across the country that work hard on keeping our environment clean and protected. Last year the Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund helped finance over 800 small scale local environmental projects that made a real difference in our communities and showcased how small changes can make lasting improvements to our environment. This year I am pleased to maintain the increased level of funding that will support a wide variety of projects such as community gardens, allotments, compost schemes, rainwater harvesting schemes, educational initiatives and environmental exhibition,” added Minister Naughten.

Eligible projects are those that will support and complement, at local level, national environmental policies such as those on Waste, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Air, Water and Sustainable Development.

Groups seeking funding for eligible projects are invited to make an application to their local authority (application forms are available from Local Authorities).

Completed application forms should be returned to the relevant local authority by 5pm, 20 June 2018. Application forms, local authority contacts, and further information on the LA21 Environmental Partnership Fund can be obtained from the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment website.

Source: Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment

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