The Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund supports local environmental initiatives by communities, individuals and not-for-profit groups. Under this Scheme Minister Denis Naughten approved total nationwide funding of €460,000 for this year’s scheme which was an increase of 15% on funding in 2016. Local Authorities have now drawn down almost all of the allocation which they will match, bringing the total LA21 project funding this year to €908,000.  834 projects are being funded under the 2017 scheme which is an increase of over 100 projects on 2016.

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Minister Naughten stated: “I am pleased to announce that this year’s LA21 project funding is €908,000 that will support local projects to improve the environment and make our communities more sustainable. The fund shows how local initiatives can make a real difference in our communities, and showcases how small changes can make lasting improvements to our environment. Together with the local authorities my Department is supporting 834 projects under this Scheme which is an increase of 100 on last year’s funding. The Fund supports small scale non-profit environmental projects such as allotments, community gardens, compost schemes, rainwater harvesting schemes, educational initiatives and environmental exhibitions. Funding provided by my Department is matched by the local authorities, and projects also attract funding from other sources,” added Minister Naughten.

Eligible projects are those that will support and complement, at a local level, national environmental policies such as those on Waste, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Air, Water and Sustainable Development.

Source: DCCAE