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Join Integra Lifesciences and Critical Healthcare for a discussion on Lean in 2021.

This lunchtime seminar hosted by the Midlands Lean Network will demonstrate the importance of Resilience and Innovation in achieving success in Lean and Operational Excellence.

Topics include:
– COVID-19 Impact to Business and to Lean journey.
– Elements of Lean that have stood to business during COVID-19.
– Lean Reboot 2021 – creating a new way of working.

Panelists include:
– John O’Donovan, Plant Manager, Integra Lifesciences
– Catherine Cox, Global Operations Excellence Program Manager, Integra Lifesciences
– Avril Crowley, Supply Chain & Logistics Manager, Critical Healthcare
– Chloe Lowry, Operations Assistant, Critical Healthcare

Registration prior to event is essential 

Date: January 21st, 2021
Time: 1pm
Platform: Zoom

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