Lean in Business centres on eliminating non-value-adding operations, equipment, and resources. The success appending to introducing Lean into a business is dependent on what an organisation puts into it in terms of commitment and planning. The evidential benefits of Lean are manifold, most notably: improved quality; improved visual management; increased efficiency; and an easier to manage company. It does involve change and its adaptation can be challenging, but rewarding.

The Mid-West Lean Network conference on Nov 8th was a huge success! Since its formation in November 2016, the Mid-West Lean Network has delivered a series of workshops focused on specific aspects of Lean. This inaugural Conference looked at Lean from the ‘People’ perspective. Expert panellists shared their experiential knowledge of preparing and embedding a Lean culture into an organisaton, whilst a panel of CEOs, in whose organisations Lean is a way of life, summed up what Lean means to their bottom lines and how the benefits are viewed in the board room.

Source: University of Limerick