Did you enjoy an ice cream this summer or quench your thirst with a cold refreshment?  Chances are you reached into a plug-in beverage cooler or an ice-cream freezer without being aware of the costs generated due to their high energy consumption. By increasing the use of energy  efficient models with climate friendly refrigerants, H2020 project ProCold is helping hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and the public sector decrease their energy costs and consumption annually by a total of 276 GWh primary energy.

ProCold has been identifying the most efficient beverage coolers, ice-cream freezers and other professional and commercial refrigeration products on the EU market, with a view to facilitating procurement for the food and beverage industry, retailers and the public sector while motivating manufacturers deliver more of these.

The project has been empowering public authorities in adapting and enforcing related EU and national energy efficiency policies. Stemming directly from the work undertaken, a public rebate programme has been launched earlier this year until 2019 in Austria, covering up to 30% of the purchase costs for some of these products.

In an award ceremony presented during the EuroShop fair earlier this year, some of the most efficient products in the field were recognised, showcasing how innovation, performance and environmental protection can go hand in hand. Meanwhile, the monitoring of EU market developments for a specific product category i.e., storage freezers, highlights a noteworthy increase in the available top performing appliances of energy label class A.

Source: EC EASME