The ‘Living Better, Using Less‘ toolkit aims to support local communities across Ireland to awaken awareness, deepen understanding and activate participation in sustainable development with a view to living better by using less. Through the reach of The Wheel’s network across civil society organisations in Ireland, this toolkit has been informed by, and thereby hopes to inform, local communities on how they can become more sustainable.

There is already a wealth of diversity and quantity of innovative work already happening in communities in Ireland. This toolkit seeks to shine a light on what is already there, validate and recognise this work and provide ideas to draw on for your own organisation and community context.

There are 5 different themes included within the toolkit.

1. Ecological Integrity

In a world of changing climate, over reliance on the earth’s resources and loss of biodiversity, communities can be part of a wider movement of change towards a sustainable future.

2. Health & Well-being

Everyone in our community should be able to flourish and thrive, feel connected, satisfied with services and able to cope with whatever knocks they encounter now and for future generations.

3. Participation & Engagement

A sustainable community is one that puts its most ulnerable members at its centre. How do we ensure all voices are at the decision-making table and that services are as accessible as possible?

4. Culture & Heritage

Each community is unique in their own special way and we need to nurture this integrity of place so that when faced with difficult decisions, that communities will know what they are willing to accept.

5. Economic Resilience

How can we make our communities more financially sustainable, while at the same time challenging unsustainable economic models of development and promoting a model of development that is good for people, good for planet.

Source: Green Business