Lidl Ireland Managing Director J.P. Scally, along with the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten, has signed the Food Waste Forum Charter as part of the Retail Action Group for Food Waste.

In a statement released today the discount retailer said that this charter sees Lidl commit to reduce food waste through the redistribution of surplus food.

J.P. Scally, managing director at Lidl Ireland said of the campaign: “In signing today’s Food Waste Charter, we further demonstrate our ongoing commitment to reducing food waste in the Irish retail sector and positively contribute to the communities in which we operate.”

As part of the Food Waste Charter, Lidl has ‘pledged to build an awareness and understanding of food waste and its issues as well as promote innovative food waste prevention solutions’.

Food Waste Data

The Retail Action Group for Food Waste will work together to gather and share reliable and accurate food waste information, to identify areas for improvement, to measure progress and also to work towards a common methodology to report on Food Waste data in the sector.

The pledge is part of the Retail Action Group on Food Waste established by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment to accelerate progress towards meeting targets set by the UN as part of their Sustainable Development Goals, which seeks to halve per capita food waste and reduce food losses by 2030.

In line with the launch of the forum, Lidl has rolled out a national food redistribution programme called ‘Lidl Feed It Back’ to all 154 stores and 3 warehouses in Ireland which will see food waste reduced through the donation of surplus food to local charities in the communities in which Lidl operates.

Since August 2017, Lidl has been working with FoodCloud to donate surplus food to charities.

Source: Checkout