Lean in Ireland Event in Sligo

IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland hosted their second Enterprise Excellence event ā€“ Lean in Ireland Event in Sligo on 20th June 2017.

Three case studies were presented;

Robert Caldwell, C.I. Coordinator, Carton Brothers & Manor Farm, spoke about what lean means to Manor Farm and how the strategy and vision of the company was communicated to all employees. The company, an Irish family owned business in Shercock, Co. Cavan started their lean journey on 2016.

Evan McLoughlin, Production Manager, Bruss GmbH Dichtungstechnik, Sligo, gave an insight into continuous improvement in Bruss. In 2012 a new approach was taken in Bruss to engage the entire workforce. Evan explained how lean manufacturing has reduced waste and increased the efficiency of the production process in Bruss.

Niall Kerlin, Operations Manager, Abbvie Ireland NL B.V., Ballytivnan, Sligo, spoke about the 4 Pā€™s; Performance, Purpose, Process and People. Niall demonstrated the benefits of lean and continuous improvement on the business growth and culture within Abbvie.

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