Phonovation hosted 33 people from the 16th Lean in Europe tour, organised by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland. Over the course of the morning we showed our visitors around our office and gave them the details of our own Lean transformation, in the hope that they can use our Lean best practice experience in their own companies. Delighted that we could share our journey with others.

Lean is a management system that was developed for the manufacturing industry. It revolves around continuous improvement and investment in people. We began the process in April 2016. We started with Enterprise Ireland‘s LeanStart, a 2 month programme to give us an overview of the Lean methodology. Upon completing this we embarked on the next programme, LeanPlus. This ran from Oct 2016 until March 2017 and gave us a far greater understanding as well as instilling Lean thinking into our culture. Our next step will be to go through LeanTransform, which is a “a large scale, extensive and holistic company transformation programme”.

The morning involved a tour of our office, after that the visitors were split into three groups and given talks by our CEO Gavin Carpenter, our Lean Champion Rob Shears and our Lean mentor Andy de Vale. Each group then switched until all had heard from all three speakers.

Following their trip to Phonovation the group next went for a visit to Top Flight Travel to see their Lean Transformation.

Below is a graphic of our Lean journey so far. A lot done, a lot still to do, because as Lean thinking teaches us – we must constantly look to improve everything we do.

Source: Phonovation