LBI – Best Practice Seminar – Visual Management

By July 31, 2020 No Comments

OutForm Consulting have been valued partners with the QIH group since 2018, and through Quinn Therm, one if it’s largest divisions, it has supported a Lean Transformation program that has yielded significant operational efficiency improvements, improved workplace conditions, and increased employee engagement. This session covers how as a core Lean manufacturing principle, Visual Management tools were implemented throughout Quinn Therm, and provided a foundation upon which Quinn Therms sustained improvements were built. From improved understanding, measurement and real time analysis of Key Performance Indicators, to improved workplace organisation, this session will demonstrate how an integrated Visual Management approach developed an engaged a high performing workforce to increase operating efficiencies in Quinn Therm by 25%. Workshop attendee’s will see working examples of how Visual Management is present in the Quinn Therm Manufacturing floor:

1. Shift reporting boards;

2. 5S performance measurement stations;

3. Workplace layout improvements;

4. Management reporting dashboards.

As one of the first divisions with the QIH group to embark on a continuous Improvement journey, Quinn Therm has provided a benchmark for other divisions to follow, and the shared learning between colleagues has proved invaluable in demonstrating the gains possible when a CI culture in the workplace is instilled. OutForm Consulting continues to be a valued partner within the QIH group, supporting the roll-out of CI projects across the wider QIH group.


· Dick Clerkin, Engagement Manager and Principal Consultant, OutForm Consulting

· Peadar Maguire, Divisional Manager, Quinn Therm