LBI Webinar Recording: What the smart people are doing

Lean Business Ireland would like to invite you to the third panel discussion in a Covid 19 Series of online panel discussions with industry leaders.

Our first two panel discussions focused on how businesses are reacting to the Covid 19 Public Health Emergency. These are available to view on www.LeanBusinessIreland.ie.

We are now transitioning to the second phase, Continuing Operations During the Covid 19 Public Health Emergency. The next online panel discussion will be focused on the implementation of continuous improvement through remote teams. It will include a case study on “Remote Kanban” and the associated tools and best practice in remote training and development.


  • Aiden O’Dwyer, Head of Operations Ireland & UK, DPS Engineering
  • Fiona Keogh, Learning & Organisational Development Manager, Analog Devices


Moderator, Sean Devlin, Business Excellence Program Manager, AbbVie and Chairperson of the West North West Lean Network

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