Irish Water, in partnership with Cork County Council, is investing €14 million to upgrade the Bandon Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project will help improve water quality in the Bandon River and alleviate flooding in low lying parts of the town.

The Bandon Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project will provide enhanced treatment of wastewater from the town, ensuring that discharges from the plant comply with environmental legislation. This will result in improvements to water quality in the Bandon River, protecting aquatic life and bringing health and environmental benefits to the entire community.

Construction of new pumping station will alleviate flood risk
Bandon also has a history of flooding as a result of high flows in the Bandon River exceeding the channel capacity. The construction of a new storm pumping station as part of the upgrade works will help alleviate this potential flood risk for low-lying areas in the Bandon catchment.

Contract has been signed by the EPS to carry out the works

A contract has been signed with EPS to carry out the work, which will involve upgrades at the treatment plant and at the Glasslinn Road Pumping Station.

The project will involve the installation of new equipment at the treatment plant, along with new pipelines, stormwater storage tank, odour treatment facilities, an electrical substation and other ancillary site works. In addition, new wastewater and stormwater pumping stations will be installed at Glasslinn Pumping Station, along with new pipelines, generator, control buildings and an electrical substation.

Mark Murray, Irish Water’s Infrastructure Programme Manager, commented: “This project will ensure that there is adequate treatment capacity within the plant to meet the needs of the area and facilitate social and economic growth. Cleaner water will enhance the river’s amenity value and act as a platform for social and economic development.

It will also ensure that there is effective management of the wastewater treatment process to protect the environment and public health.”

Works will begin in the coming weeks

The work is due to get underway in the coming weeks and are expected to take approximately 20 months in total. The works will predominately take place on Mill Road and along the N71 Cork Road. During the works traffic management will be in place but local access will be maintained at all times. A road closure may be required for a short time to ensure that the work is carried out in the safest way possible along Mill Road and the N71 (Cork Road).

During the works it may also be necessary to restrict access to parking along Mill Road. In order to minimise disruption to traffic works may be carried out in some sections in the evening, at night or at the weekends due to the requirements of An Gardaí Síochána and/or the Roads Authority.

Local community will be notified in advance of planned works

The Project Team will notify the local community in advance of planned works in their areas and provide contact details should they have any queries. We will work closely with the local community to minimise any potential disruption and with An Garda Síochána to manage traffic while the works are underway.

For more information and additional advice, please call Irish Water’s 24-hour customer care helpline on 1850 278 278 or log onto

Source: Irish Water