The European Commission has presented measures to ensure that intellectual property rights are well protected, thereby encouraging European companies, in particular SMEs and start-ups, to invest in innovation and creativity.

The measures include creating a fair and balanced system for Standard Essential Patents and stepping up the fight against counterfeiting and piracy by seeking to deprive commercial IP infringers of the revenue flows, being the ‘follow the money’ approach which focuses on the ‘big fish’ rather than individuals. The aim of the Commission is to:
• ensure an equally high level of legal protection and a predictable judicial framework across the EU
• encourage industry to fight IP infringements
• reduce the volume of the counterfeited products reaching the EU market.

Those measures follow the 2015 Single Market Strategy – a roadmap to deliver on President Juncker’s political commitment to unleash the full potential of the Single Market and make it the launchpad for European companies to thrive in the global economy.

More Information

EC Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Fact Sheet 


Source: European IPR Helpdesk