INAB, the Irish National Accreditation Board, part of the HSA, will undergo a Peer Evaluation in 2018

A team made up of peer evaluators from across Europe, will visit the INABs offices in September 2018.

The Peer Evaluation team, made up of 8 persons, will review and scrutinise INAB accreditation activities specifically laboratory testing and calibration; inspection, management systems, and product certification.

INAB is applying to extend our scope of recognition for Reference Material Producers accreditation to ISO 17034.

The team will typically witness at least one assessment on site per standard. Time will also be spent at INAB offices evaluating files, procedures, policy and records against requirements of IS0 17011.  The evaluation will last approximately 5 days.

Why is INAB subject to this peer review? 


As a signatory we are subject to participate in these reviews of our activities to show our compliance with the internationally agreed standard for accreditation bodies, ISO/IEC 17011 and the specific requirements of Regulation (EC) No 765/2008.

It is extremely important to INAB to have a successful outcome, so we can remain within the EA MLA. Our last peer evaluation took place in 2014.

What is the EA multilateral agreement (MLA)?

The EA MLA is a signed agreement between EA accreditation body members, including INAB, to recognise and accept the equivalence and reliability of their individual accreditation services and thus the certificates and reports issued by the organisations they accredit.

International markets have confidence in the EA MLA and the conformity assessment results provided by organisations accredited by EA MLA signatories.

Because of this, there is no need for products and services to be re-tested, re-calibrated, re-inspected or re-certified in each country into which they are imported and sold. This helps the free movement of goods and services in Europe and the rest of the world.

EA and its National Accreditation Body members, invest considerable effort and resource in maintaining the integrity and robustness of the EA MLA.

This January INAB hosted an Assessor Forum in Dublin Castle.

Source: HSA