The metal industry can apply energy efficient measures and identify cost-effective measures to decrease its energy related costs with short pay-back actions.

The EE-METAL project targets SMEs from one of Europe’s biggest industrial sectors, the Metalworking and Metal Articles (MMA) sector, by presenting energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions and process operations and optimization techniques.

The project supports SMEs in reclaiming avoidable budget for investments in core activities like state of the art machineries, R&D and innovation, or market development. Besides offering interested companies tools and methodologies adapted to the specificities of the MMA sector, EE-METAL also provides training opportunities in partnering countries.

Almost 80 companies with a cumulative energy consumption of more than 300 GWh/year have been audited with the aim of obtaining at least an overall energy savings’ average of 20 % by the end of the project.Over 75 people have been trained in energy efficiency, renewable energy and audit methodology, and almost 16,000 representatives of the MMA industry have been reached through conferences, workshops and other events which raised awareness about the EE-METAL approach.

Source: European Commission – Executive Agency for SMEs