New research into Irish businesses shows half of Irish companies do not have an environmental policy in place.

The research, which was conducted by Bord Gáis Energy through RED C among 200 businesses, looks at the behaviours and attitudes of businesses towards energy and energy efficiency.

Despite 55% of businesses admitting they would consider reducing energy usage in order to make important business savings, only one in four (24%) have actually taken measures to lower energy usage in the last year.

Just 40% of businesses are actively encouraging employees to be energy efficient in the workplace.

Of the 34% of businesses that do include energy efficiency in their environmental agenda, monitoring and reducing energy usage was found to be a priority for them.

Key findings:
•50% of Irish businesses surveyed do not have any environmental agenda
•Only 40% of Irish businesses encourage employees to be energy efficient in the workplace
•55% would consider reducing energy usage in order to save money, in favour of other cost-saving measures including; supply chain savings (22%), reducing marketing spend (10%), outsourcing staff (9%) and cutting CSR programmes (4%)
•In 2017, less than a quarter (24%) of businesses reduced energy usage to save money
•Bord Gáis Energy has launched Centrica Business Solutions to the Irish market to help businesses significantly reduce energy consumption and bills.

“The research has provided interesting insights into how businesses view energy usage and energy bills,” said Deirdre Threadgold of Bord Gáis Energy.

“Irish businesses need to be aware of the importance of implementing energy efficiency practices in the workplace both from a commercial and environmental perspective. Bord Gáís Energy can advise on the best solutions to reduce energy consumption and bills.”

The research coincides with the recent launch of Centrica Business Solutions (CBS) into the Irish market. Centrica Business Solutions, provided by Bord Gáis Energy, aims to help Irish businesses cut day-to-day costs, be more energy efficient and gain competitive advantage.

Glanbia has installed a CBS solution at a site in Kilkenny. CBS has allowed the Glanbia team to map energy usage patterns on the site and identify opportunities for energy efficiencies and cost savings.


Source: Enviro Solutions