Nowadays, the value of a business is increasingly linked to its intellectual property (IP) assets, which are becoming more important in many sectors.

IP can be transferred or licensed, offered to enter into cooperation agreements or contributed as capital in a joint venture. Protecting and managing IP through well-drafted agreements is key for business success. Therefore, the purpose of this guide on IP and contracts is to be a useful tool regarding IP exploitation and management. It aims to help businesses better understand contracts in the IP field and to get an idea on different key points and how these should be drafted.

This guide is divided into two main sections: the first provides an overview on general contract clauses, and the second focuses on IP contracts including some of the most common IP contracts and IP clauses. Both parts contain practical examples to illustrate how contracts can be drafted.

Download Guide  – Introducing IP and Contracts [pdf 3.92MB]

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Source: European IPR Helpdesk

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