Condition 6 of EPA Waste Water Discharge Licences (WWDL) requires Irish Water to prepare and submit an Annual Environmental Report (AER) for the previous reporting year that is to the satisfaction of the EPA. The AER must be submitted to the EPA by the 28th February. This requirement applies to all licences issued on or before 31st December of the previous year. This guidance document is provided to assist irish Water with the preparation of their AER.

The annual reporting of environmental information is a legal requirement for the operators of all EPA Waste Water Discharge Licences. The annual reporting obligation comprises three separate tasks.

These are:
1 Full PDF AER. Submission of an electronic PDF copy of the full AER.
2 Urban Waste Water Treatment Data: Reporting of Urban Waste Water Treatment data via EDEN-MDS, and the summary excel spreadsheet for plant, agglomeration and receiving water
3 PRTR Emissions Data: Reporting of emissions and waste transfer information via the EPA’s AER / PRTR Emissions Data Reporting Workbook. Please note that a PRTR is only required for licensed agglomerations above 100,000 p.e.

Download Guidance on the Preparation and Submission of the Annual Environmental Report for Waste Water Discharge Licences [540kB]


Source: EPA