In this month’s issue, you can read about the opportunities to engage and collaborate with various stakeholders in the public procurement arena through the Procurement Forum: an online community for procurers and purchasing stakeholders. Various discussion groups on a range of issues important for greening procurement are also in use on the Forum.

This month’s interview places the spotlight on the Danish Food Procurer Network: a group of food procurement specialists which regularly share knowledge, information and experiences on public food and catering services. Betina Bergmann Madsen from the City of Copenhagen shares her views about the Network’s current work and its future perspectives.

The two Good Practice Examples in this edition feature the following:

– The Municipality of Aalborg (in Denmark) and their circular procurement of school furniture for fostering a more sustainable learning environment

– Romania’s National Environmental Guard and their procurement of environmentally sound cleaning services

In other news this month, get the latest information on the EU’s LIFE Environment funding programme’s upcoming call for proposals, the GPP session at this year’s EU Green Week, read about Berlin’s steps to enforce the use of recycled concrete for public buildings, and discover the new tools developed for greener data centres from the EURECA project.

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Source: EU GPP