Welcome to the second edition of the Newsletter series of the GPP4Growth project!

GPP4Growth is a European project funded by the INTERREG Europe Programme that aims to create opportunities for public authorities to stimulate eco-innovation, resource efficiency & green growth through Green Public Procurement (GPP).

Over the last few months, the project partners have advanced significantly with the project implementation, focusing on activities to promote the exchange of experiences between regions and the organisation of meetings at a national level with key stakeholders, who have shown great interest in the project and its objectives. In the following pages, you will find information on the GPP4Growth latest developments and upcoming activities.

Through our GPP4Growth project website and this periodic newsletter, that will be published every six months, we will keep you informed about our progress and key outcomes.

Table of Contents

  • Identifying successful GPP cases
  • Exchange of experience activities
  • Regional stakeholders meetings
  • GPP4Growth promoted by Interreg Europe
  • Interregional Workshop in Lodz
  • Next Workshop in Stara Zagora


Source: GPP$Growth Interreg Europe