The Department of Communication, Climate Action & Environment is a partner in the Interreg Project, GPP4Growth. This project brings together partners from nine countries, to exchange experiences & practices and improve their capacities on implementing resource efficiency policies that promote eco-innovation and green growth through Green Public Procurement (GPP). This project runs until 2021 and aims to:

  • Increase the capacity of regional administrations to effectively implement resource efficiency policies, applying green public procurement
  • Improve the implementation of national/regional resource efficiency policies, providing incentives to businesses to integrate environmental factors and costs when producing goods and/or providing supplies, services and works.
  • Unlock regional/national investments on green public procurement to promote the development of new green products and services
  • Improve regional actors’ readiness and create knowledge awareness on the influence of green public procurement on the adoption of sustainable consumption and production patterns by businesses operating in the region.

As part of the project we are now conducting a survey to help us to assess the current status, advantages and opportunities for GPP in Ireland while also allowing us to determine the enabling conditions and obstacles related to GPP implementation across the state. There are two surveys available online one for purchasers and a second for suppliers to complete.

Source: DCCAE