Our December issue opens with the Green Deals initiative on Circular Procurement, which was recently launched in Flanders (Belgium). 101 procurers are already on board to test out new approaches to procurement! More details about their commitments and the supporting mechanisms in place as part of the Green Deals are available inside the GPP News Alert.

The approach for uncovering the most emission intensive procurement categories from transport activities in three big cities – Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Oslo – is what our expert from TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) tells us about in this month’s interview. Dr Nina Nesterova is a Research Scientist for the Department of Sustainable Transport and Logistics at TNO. She leads this work in the European BuyZET project.

Our good practice cases this month present the approaches and achievements of the following two green and circular procurement actions:

– Reusing and refurbishing furniture in a new office, from Public Health Wales (United Kingdom)

– Purchasing towels, wash cloths and overalls made from recycled post-consumer textile fibres by the Dutch Ministry of Defence

In other news – access the information presented at the recent GPP Helpdesk webinar on furniture, discover Finland’s newly launched Action Plan on Circular Economy, listen to the short series of ‘how to’ videos for procurement practitioners, and read about the European Strength2Food project.

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Source: EU GPP