In 2016, the Irish Government spent close to €9 billion on goods and services giving the public sector significant purchasing power in the market. Buying green goods and services could play a key role in achieving our climate action targets and reducing waste.  The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment, Mr. Denis Naughten, T.D.  has welcomed his Department’s involvement in a pan-European project which promotes Green Public Procurement (GPP) as a means of driving green growth and eco-innovation.

Minister Naughten said “Our transition to a sustainable way of life requires that we use every tool available to ensure a positive impact on our climate and environment.  Green public procurement is widely recognised as a key lever in stimulating the design, supply and purchase of goods and services with green credentials.  Specify ‘Green’ and the market will respond.”

The Minister highlighted how “public bodies could specify electric vehicles; lighting services not light fittings; non-toxic cleaning products; catering contracts that include vegetarian options; and equipment that can be repaired easily or at least recycled.  These can all make a difference to our environmental footprint and are readily-doable.”

The Department has become a partner in GPP4Growth along with 8 other public authorities across the EU member states.   Over the next two years the project will help to identify best practice, improve training and raise awareness to help increase the green spend.  In 2018, the Department will hold a number of stakeholder events across the country and will also host a study visit for all project partners focusing on best practice examples of GPP in Ireland.

More details are available at or email

Source: DCCAE 

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