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The Directory of Education Providers spans from courses provided by Institutes of Technology and Universities  and through to simple introductory courses provided by independent trainers through independently certified Yellow, Green and Black belt courses.

Workplace Organisation

Work with team to train and support implementation pilot workplace organisation /5S activity in selected work environment.

Introduction to workplace organisation and principles of 5S
Current state review
Define critical process needs
Develop and implement work activity plan.
Define and develop sustainment programme and processes
Develop standardised systems of work


4 days (Two modules of 2 days separated by self-directed project activity)

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Workshop Facilitation

The objective of the course is equip the learner with the tools and techniques necessary to get the very best from groups they lead for successful outcomes.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to facilitation principles and styles
  • Working with groups – group dynamics and team behaviours
  • Preparing & planning workshops
  • Developing listening skills
  • Methods to encourage participation
  • Creative Thinking
  • Dealing with conflict
  • The art of decision making
  • Closing the session
  • Workshop materials selection
  • Toolkit for facilitators

MCO Projects Limited Workshop Facilitation Training 


1 Day

Course Certification

Participants will receive a 4D Academy Training Certification successful completion of the course.

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Yellow Belt

Problem solving is one of the key factors to successful Lean implementation; sustaining a Lean transformation requires continuous problem solving by everyone in the organisation. In the context of continuous improvement, it is a never-ending process. The six sigma yellow belt course includes a suite of problem solving tools which can be employed to increase profitability, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Who Should Attend

Yellow Belt training is essential for the front line support team such as supervisors, team leaders and support personnel to ensure that problems are resolved at the appropriate level in the organisation. The long term goal would be to train all levels of the organisation to this level to allow the organisation to make Lean Transformations a reality.


This course covers the underlying concepts behind Lean Thinking with particular emphasis on problem solving, root cause analysis and the application of the DMAIC cycle: Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control to implement solutions. Yellow Belt training includes details on the most commonly used problem solving tools such as 5 whys, Ishikawa’s seven problem solving tools, and the A3 process.

LBS Partners Yellow Belt Training Course 


2 Days

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Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma

Overview of course

The Sapphire Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is based on the globally recognized Ohio standard for Yellow Belt. It consists of 20 on-line Lessons (with an accompanying on-line test) where candidates learn the theory behind the core lean six sigma tools. A small project also needs to be completed where candidates demonstrate application of these tools. It takes 20 - 30 learning hours to complete the full programme and candidates typically do this over a 3-4 month period. Candidates are guided through the programme by a course tutor who is a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.

Target Candidates

Managers and process improvement team members.

Sapphire Training Solutions Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma Programme


10 Months

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Yellow Belt Training

Introduction – To Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and Change
Define – Voice of the Customer and Project Charter
Measure" Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping and Data Collection
Analyse" Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagrams, 5 Whys and Cause & Effect
Improve" Improvement Plans, Kaizen, 5S and SMED
Control – Control Plans, Poka Yoke and Visual Management

By the end of this training programme the attendees will be able to:
1. Understand Continuous Improvement
2. Understand Lean Six Sigma methodology and DMAIC.
3. Understand Change Management methodology.
4. Understand how to use the common tools in DMAIC phases.
5. Identify sources of waste and variation within the business.

Download Alora Consultants Programme  – Yellow Belt Training


2 Days

Course Certification

Alora Certification

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