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Transformation Leadership Courses & Programmes

The courses & programme are under one umbrella of Transformation Leadership; the courses themselves are available singularly depending on the requirements of the client:

Lean an Insight *
LEAN - TPS | Visual Management | 5S | Kaizen | Problem Solving | VSM
*These courses are in 3 modules each and will take no less than 6 months to a maximum of one-year due to practical evidence as well as written work.

The smaller courses will take 3 months: again, these are tailored to the client’s industry.


These programmes have been systematically developed with you in mind; whether it is one-to-one, in house or learning from home. Each programme comprises of a series of modules which guide you step-by-step through practical learning theories and methodical activities; to promote and support, in gaining a better understanding and utilisation of continuous improvement within the business. Working together, whether it is to modify or help develop workforce skills, attitudes and the behaviour of an employee to perform a particular task. The overall goal is to improve and enhance an organisations efficiency and competitiveness with a view to ensuring long term sustainability.

These programmes will benefit anyone who manages people; First Time Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Sales Managers, HR Professionals, Project Managers, Change Leadership Managers, New Managers; and staff looking to progress into a leadership position.

The Transformation Leadership Programme covers:

Introduction to Lean | Change Management Part 1 | Conflict Management | Coaching & Mentoring Part 1 | Supporting Development of People & Culture | Empowering Your Team | Effective Communication & Influencing Skills | Motivation | Delegating | Change Management Part 2 | Coaching & Mentoring Part 2

Due to the depth of learning & practical activities/evidence of this Programme it will be no less than 12 months.


Transformation Leadership Programme is designed to cover Lean Methodologies and Optimisation principles, providing the participant with an understanding and greater knowledge of the concepts associated with Leading in a Lean environment. You will learn how to visualise the process differently, visualising it from a Lean perspective, from there you will understand how to stand back away from any process step and be able to see whether that step is creating value for the customer. The course will support the management, optimisation, and smooth your process flow to eliminate non-valued-added activity that does nothing but add cost to your operational processes.

Who is this for?
This programme is designed for organisational Leaders, Middle Management, Line Leaders and developing Leaders.


This course is designed to help you improve on your knowledge and how to use them effectively:

  • Understanding how to drive Change Management principles in an organisation;
  • Coach Change Management methodology so benefits can be sustained and become long term;
  • minimising the impact that change has on the business;
  • creation of a common understanding within a team;
  • provide tools, skills and an understanding that can be applied swiftly and effectively; and
  • demonstrate how Change Management thinking is required throughout an organisation to drive business improvement.

Lean Progression Ltd Transformation Leadership Courses & Programmes 


6 - 12 Months

Course Certification

Transformation Leadership Certificate

Transformation Leadership Programme


Transformation Leadership Programme is designed to cover Lean Methodologies and Optimisation principles, providing the participant with an understanding and greater knowledge of the concepts associated with Leading in a Lean environment.  You will learn how to visualise the process differently, visualising it from a Lean perspective, from there you will understand how to stand back away from any  process  step and be able to see whether that step is creating value for the customer.  The course will support the management, optimisation, and smooth your process flow to eliminate non-valued-added activity that does nothing but add cost to your operational processes. 

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for organisational Leaders, Middle Management, Line Leaders and developing Leaders.

Course Content

Each section of the course will be a constructive introduction to the many Lean tools available to the Lean practiitioner. Over the course you will achieve the ability to implement the new techniques and methodologies within the workplace.

These methodologies have been used in many industries throughout the world creating substantial savings; not only driving out waste but improvement on customer satisfaction.

  • Introduction to Lean
  • Change Management Part 1
  • Conflict Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring Part 1
  • Supporting Development of People & Culture
  • Empowering Your Team
  • Effective Communication & Influencing Skills
  • Motivation
  • Delegating
  • Change Management Part 2
  • Coaching & Mentoring Part 2


12 days spread over client needs and requirements.

Course Certification

Certificate of completion awarded by Lean Progression Ltd. NVQ level 1 and 2 equivalent

Understanding Scrum – The application of Agile project management

This course explains the motivations that promoted the creation of Scrum and presents practical support to project managers using the Scrum framework to manage software development projects. This is achieved by introducing learners to both Agile Software Development (ASD) and Lean Software Development (LSD) in order to explaining how Scrum supports this paradigm. Learners explore the core values and practices of the Scrum framework and then critique practical supplementary practices that may be effective in different development situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how aspirations of the Agile Manifesto and associated principles are applied in practice
  • Appreciate how characteristics of effective teams influence Scrum
  • Identify general considerations that are critical to setting up and applying the Scrum framework
  • Critique the value of core practices performed to plan a Scrum sprint
  • Apply the core practices performed in the execution of a Scrum sprint
  • Evaluate core post-Sprint practices used for review and improvement purposes


Topic 1: – Agile Manifesto and principles – application in practice
Topic 2: – Origins of Scrum
Topic 3: – Overview of the Scrum framework – general considerations
Topic 4: – Core Sprint planning practices
Topic 5: – Core Sprint execution practices
Topic 6: – Core post-Sprint practices
Topic 7: – Supplementary Scrum practices

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2 Days

Understanding True Customer Value and deploying it effectively into your business

Raise awareness of customer value as a route to business growth.
Delegates introduced to process to identify and evaluate customer value.
Delegates assess their own internal process in relation to the effective delivery of customer value.
Delegates review case studies where focus on customer value has enable effective business growth.


2 Days

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Value Stream Map Training

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a key Lean tool and one of the five principles of Lean.
SMED Training offered by Alora Consultants focuses on a systematic approach to implementing SMED on a changeover or set up. The format of the training will be tutor led. The training is very interactive thus there is a lot of emphasis on group dynamics and ensuring the attendees participate and interact with the trainer and each other. The training is conducted through presentations, simulations, role plays, group exercises, discussions and case studies.

1. Identify Value Streams: What are the key processes or products that add most value to the customer from the customer’s perspective.
2. Map the Value Stream: Identify areas of Non Value Adding and Waste within value streams by Value Stream Mapping.
3. Establish Flow: Work towards the continuous movement of product/services/information through the process from start to finish by ensuring each step is capable and available.
4. Move to Pull: Only put through the process what the customer requires.
5. Strive for Perfection: The cycle never stops, thus driving Continuous Improvement. In pursuit of perfection, excellence can be achieved.

Who should attend?
This course is intended for those employees within a business who are engaged in daily problem solving, for example Team Leaders, Shop Floor Employees, Process Engineers, Quality Technicians and Engineers, Maintenance, Supervisors, Management, Staff, Executives and Project Managers.

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1 Day

Course Certification

Each attendee will receive a certificate of completion of the training course once they successfully pass the examination.

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Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping (VSM) is a high level tool that enables a management team in a manufacturing environment to take a systems approach to implementing operational excellence and customer satisfaction. It is of most benefit when carried out in the design phase of process development. A VSM workshop is facilitated on an annual basis during which "one years worth”  of projects is identified to further enhance customer service and process performance.

Learning Objective and Deliverables
At the end of this workshop participants will:

  • understand the purpose and format of a high level value stream map;
  • have a physical detailed VSM for the product (order processing, planning, purchasing, production, quality and distribution);
  • have identified measures of customer value in key processes;
  • have a list of prioritised issues and action items on which to work on during a one year period, that will deliver a more robust, lower cost and customer friendly process, and
  • have identified key performance metrics, the achievement of which will help to guarantee consistent delivery of customer value.

The VSM forms the backbone of the continuous improvement roadmap for a product and will largely determine the project resources & training effort required over each year in the future. In a lean organisation the VSM workshop is repeated annually.

Who should attend?
VSM is facilitated with the product management team, with key operations, engineering, supply chain and operations team lead personnel also in attendance.

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1 Day

Course Certification

Internationally accredited American Society for Quality, or International Quality Federation certification. Six sigma course curricula are compliant with ISO 13053-1 Quantitative methods in process improvement -- Six Sigma

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Value Stream Mapping


The aptly titled book "Learning to See" was a Shingo Research Prize recipient in 1999. It is filled with actual maps, diagrams and illustrations all aimed at helping everyone understand their business as a process, or a series of processes. Value stream mapping is an excellent tool to begin the Lean journey. It represents a snapshot of a process with all of the time, material and communication data added to help understand what is currently happening.

Using various Lean tools such as Kanban, SMED and problem-solving, the aim is to construct a future state value stream map to predict the process improvements.

This results in a strategy for the team in an easy-to-understand format

Who should attend?

The programme is aimed at any personnel engaging in business process improvement.

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1 Day

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Value Stream Mapping

Whenever there is a product for a customer, there is a Value Stream. The challenge lies in seeing it. Once the stream is identified and mapped, it is easier to eliminate the wasted activities that consume resources unnecessarily. Value Stream Mapping is a key tool when implementing Lean Enterprise principles.

Contents of the programme include: –
Preparing a Current State Map
Principles of a Lean Value
Stream Creating the Future State Map
Achieving the Future State


1 Day

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