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5S Workplace Organisation

How much time is lost in a business organising what needs to be done at the time when it needs to be done? How many mistakes are made as a result of this? Workplace organisation and visualisation follows some basic principles to optimise processes.

The 5S principles can transform any workplace and deliver immediate efficiency and quality gains.

Who should attend?

The programme is aimed at any personnel engaging in business process improvement.


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1 Day

Course Certification

ETAC certificate of attendance.

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5S Workplace Organisation

1 Day

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5S Workplace Organisation

This one day workshop serves as an introduction to 5S and presents the concepts, tools, and techniques involved in its practical application using a series of easy to understand modules and exercises.

Who Should Attend

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and personnel involved in Process Improvement. This course is intended for anyone in an organisation who needs to learn the basics of 5S and how to implement a 5S programme.

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1 Day

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5S - The Five Pillars of an Effective Workforce

The basic premise of 5S is that personnel who work in any geographical area of the organisation, have responsibility for the layout, workflow, cleanliness and safety of that area.

Learning Objectives:
– Understand the basic principles of Lean
– Understand 5S Objectives, Methods and how to ensure sustained Implementation
– Be able to implement 5S in your workplace

ESS Ltd 5S – The Five Pillars of an Effective Workplace Course Outline


One Day

Course Certification

Certificate of Completion 7 Hours CPD Credits

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6S consists of a series of steps to organise the workplace in the safest, cleanest and most efficient manner. It is a structured approach which ensures that both the employee and the team take responsibility for their work area, while at the same time, developing their process improvement skills.

Who Should Attend

6S is a team tool and should be used by all the team members. LBSPartners’ 6S training course is designed for management, team leaders and supervisors responsible for leading the elimination of waste in the business processes. Training is applicable in all industries and any business size.

LBSPartners 6S Programme


3 Days training and 2 Days mentoring

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8D Problem Solving Training

By the end of this training programme the attendees will be able to:
1. Understand the Lean methodology.
2. Understand a systematic process for problem solving such as 8D.

The content of the programme would include the following:
• Introduction - to workshop & basic introduction to Continuous Improvement and a Lean overview.
• 8D Problem Solving Model -.the 8 phases of the model would be instructed in a structured approach using a current live problem that is being experienced within the workplace. The problem to be worked on during the training will be selected in consultation between the client and Alora Consultants to ensure suitability. The 8D training will include tools such as Problem Definition, Process Mapping, Brainstorming, Fishbone diagram, Cause & Effect Matrix, Control Plans, 5S and In station Process Control

Who should attend?
This course is intended for those employees within a business who are engaged in daily problem solving, for example Team Leaders, Shop Floor Employees, Process Engineers, Quality Technicians and Engineers, Maintenance, Supervisors, Management, Staff, Executives and Project Managers.

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3 Days

Course Certification

Each attendee will receive a certificate of completion of the training course once they successfully pass the examination.

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A3 Problem Solving

This two day training programme has been designed to deliver the practical tools and working method to carry out A3 problem solving and deliver action plans for a specified problem.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma
  • Principles of A3 Problem Solving
  • Developing the Business Case
  • Project clarification and scoping
  • Establishing targets and metrics
  • Mapping the current state – process mapping and analysing existing data
  • Identifying the ideal state- Process mapping the target condition
  • Root Cause analysis using the seven quality tools
  • Brainstorming/ developing countermeasures
  • Implementation planning
  • Sustaining the improvements
  • Development of standard work

MCO Projects Limited A3 Problem Solving training


2 Days

Course Certification

Participants will receive a 4D Academy Training Certification successful completion of the course.

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Advanced Improvement Practitioner – LCS Level 2a

Our 4-day advanced improvement practitioner course aims at developing the key skills and attributes required of a senior, self-starting improvement practitioner. The course adds significant depth to the basic fundamentals of the Operations Excellence and improvement principles taught at LCS 1B and 1C, with a specific focus on handling related implementation challenges. Delegates will be provided with a breadth of diagnosis tools and techniques to help them identify a much wider variety of organisational improvement opportunities.

The course will also provide them with a practical model for approaching complex transformations, spanning  multiple department or functions and allow them to develop an appreciation of the people-related skills required to mobilise and sustain change.

DAY 1: Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques
The module covers advanced tools and
techniques that can identify and drive further
improvement. Topics covered include;
• An 8-lever model for cost reduction.
• Organisational analysis - how to assess, cost
and redesign organisations.
• Quantifying additional forms of loss – rigidity,
variability and waste.
• Skills and capability analysis - assessing the
tangible impact of skills deficiencies.
• Overall Process Efficiency (OPE) - learn how
to identify and quantify hidden waste.

DAY 2: Deploying OpEx Ways of Working
Delegates will learn a proven method for
deploying Operations Excellence ways
of working across multiple teams in
an organisation.
The focus is on how to coach out an Operations
Excellence Management System to frontline
leaders and to help overcome typical challenges
faced when doing so. Covering;
• Customer purpose and purposeful measures.
• Performance boards and performance meetings.
• Personal capacity management.
• Team capacity management.
• Skills management.
• Standard work.
• Process confirmation.
• Team-based problem solving.

DAY 3: End-to-end transformation or customer
journey improvement
Taught following a structured roadmap, you will
understand how to manage complex change
spanning multiple functions.
This part of the course covers the change and
stakeholder management skills that are vital
due to the size and benefits of the scale of the
transformation involved.

DAY 4: Psychology of change
The last day of the course is focussed on making
change happen and covers three key topics:
• Changing readiness - understand how to assess
an organisation’s ability to change and how to
influence this.
• Changing mindsets - learn some practical
models to support.
• Coaching - learn some additional coaching
models that can be used to support commonly
used methods such as GROW, enhancing your
change toolkit.


4 Days

Course Certification

Cardiff University - LCS Level 2a