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3SIXTY is focused on Making Change Happen.

We design and deliver results-focused change programmes which have positive, measurable and sustainable impacts on our clients’ businesses.

Our work, broadly speaking, spans three areas - People, Process & Growth – and we have strong credentials from a diverse set of clients.

Ultimately, irrespective of the specifics of the client engagement, our work is about delivering improved business performance in measurable, sustainable ways.

Our approach is to think about People and Process in an integrated way. Given the interdependencies between People and Process in a business, our view – based on extensive experience – is that poorer outcomes are delivered by focusing on one above the other and not taking a joined-up approach. We see this as a subtle yet powerful difference in our approach to solving client challenges and one which delivers significantly more impactful results.

When we engage with a client, we initially conduct what we call the 3SIXTY Diagnostic - a deep dive into your organization over a period of 7 to 10 days. The purpose of this diagnostic is for us to get a real sense of where the pain points are in a client organization and to identify areas for immediate – as well as longer-term – improvement which will deliver significant ROI to our client.

3SIXTY is a multiskilled team of experience business practitioners with over 80 years’ combined experience across a diverse range of sectors, clients and business environments.  We are hugely passionate about helping our clients get the most from their people and processes and realise their growth ambitions.

  • SPECIALIST - Agile, SPECIALIST - Change Management, SPECIALIST - Communications, SPECIALIST - Growth Strategies, SPECIALIST - HR, SPECIALIST - Leadership, SPECIALIST - Marketing, SPECIALIST - Process Improvement, SPECIALIST - Product Management, SPECIALIST - Project Management, SPECIALIST - Strategic Sourcing / Procurement, SPECIALIST - Supply Chain, SPECIALIST- Business Plan, SPECIALIST- Organisational Development, SPECIALIST- Team Development
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Advanced Technical Concepts

ATC Lean Solutions, a division of ATC Group, provide solutions for lean environments, industry 4.0, AGVs, assembly line layouts, production logistics, workstation ergonomics, etc.

Our products are ergonomically designed to meet lean manufacturing and continuous improvement (kaizen) principles and help you to reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve space utilisation. Solutions include FIFO racks, point of use trolleys, height-adjustable workstations. These versatile, modular solutions for Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 applications can be built from Flowtube integrating both steel and aluminium profiles, joints and components.

Solutions also include pick to light systems (guided operating systems) in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. These systems help increase production efficiency, improve quality and accuracy (right first time) and assist with employee training.

In addition we offer visual management solutions including KPI boards, 5S floor markings and signage.

  • SPECIALIST - Lean Management Visual Aid Boards & Accessories
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Ailbhe Harrington & Associates Ltd

Ailbhe Harrington specialises in Leadership training, team development, team coaching, coaching styles for managers ( another aspect of the busiesses is training indiviudals to become accredited professional coaches.) Stress managemnt and strengthening resiliences in challenging times.

We also offer Executive 1:1 coaching for senior leaders, directors, board members etc.

  • SPECIALIST - Communications, SPECIALIST - Leadership, SPECIALIST- Team Development
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B. Power & Associates

Finance   Profit improvement, product costing, raising finance, cost reduction, product pricing, business assessment, business health check, benchmarking, reviewing management, Information systems

Strategy   Strategic planning, evaluating capital investment decisions, organisational development, business valuations, mergers and acquisitions.

  • SPECIALIST - Finance, SPECIALIST - Leadership, SPECIALIST - Project Management, SPECIALIST - Sustainability
Sectoral Experience
Business Profile

EI Clients - 30%; LEO Clients - 40%

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Beproductive.ie is a productivity consultancy based in Dublin. The mission at beproductive.ie is to add value by helping individuals, teams and organisations "Turn Busy into Productive”.

We provide an alternative Productivity offering for businesses who want to work on smaller improvement projects without a significant investment of time in Lean Process Improvement projects.

Our focus is on the people as well as the processes and systems. We provide Productivity Training courses, Seminars, Improvement Projects, Individual Coaching and Workshops that can help:
1. Develop Individual skills to help people work productively
2. Provide Managers with skills to motivate their teams to perform
3. Work with Senior Leaders on creating a culture that enables Productivity

All our training and coaching can be delivered online. We have a specific focus on providing the skills and tips to help people be productive while working from home.

Contact Moira at moiradunne@beproductive.ie to discuss the best solution for your business.



  • SPECIALIST - Agile, SPECIALIST - Change Management, SPECIALIST - Communications, SPECIALIST - Leadership, SPECIALIST - Process Improvement, SPECIALIST - Project Management, SPECIALIST- Team Development
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CeADAR National Centre for Applied Data Analytics & Machine Intelligence

CeADAR is the National Centre for Applied Data Analytics & Machine Intelligence. CeADAR is a market-focused technology centre that drives the accelerated development and deployment of data analytics and machine intelligence (DA&MI) technology and innovation. The Centre’s work focuses on developing tools, techniques and technologies that enable more people, organisations and industries to use analytics and machine intelligence for better decision making and competitive advantage. CeADAR is the bridge between the worlds of applied research in DA&MI and their commercial application.

The primary outputs of the Centre are prototypes, and demonstrators, alongside contract research plus in-depth reviews of state-of-the-art technology. CeADAR is funded by Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and by contract research. The Centre is headquartered in University College Dublin and is a partnership with the Technological University Dublin.

CeADAR has particular strengths in predictive analytics, machine and deep learning, Blockchain, real time analytics, text analytics and visualisation. The Centre has an extensive catalogue of technology demonstrators, knowhow and technology reviews which are all available at no-cost to members.

Industry membership of CeADAR has grown significantly in recent years and now totalsover 80 industry partners ranging from multinationals to indigenous SMEs spanning every industry vertical. CeADAR’s position is at the intersection of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The Centre is also the focal point of a thriving national ecosystem delivering frequent seminars, conferences, and members’ networking events throughout the year.

CeADAR was awarded the Dun & Bradstreet prize for Best Analytics Research Group Ireland at the DatSci Awards, the EU BDVA i-Spaces accreditation and is one of only 30 of the EU’s AI Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe.

  • SPECIALIST - Data Management
Sectoral Experience
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Codec is an Irish, Full-Stack IT Solutions consultancy founded in 1985 and headquartered in Dublin with offices in Cork, Galway, Belfast, London, Cologne and Warsaw. Employing 218 staff Codec is growing rapidly, expanding our team of industry-leading experts and continues to deliver on the promise of empowering businesses in the public and private sectors. Codec is a unique organisation. We are dedicated to understanding and embracing the shifts that change within technology and to make these changes work for your organisation. Today, the IT shift is driven by Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Collaboration and Consolidation. To deliver on these diverse drivers with core solutions is complex, expensive and time consuming, so a platform solution is the preferred alternative. Codec provides this unique differentiator and the demonstrate this skill we have been awarded Microsoft Ireland Country Partner, Data Centre Transformation and Dynamics 365 Partner of the Year 2018 and we have also been Oracle Hyperion partner of the Year UK & Ireland for 5 of the last 7 years.

  • SPECIALIST - Implementation of ERP sofware, SPECIALIST - Software support
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Cognition (Services) Ltd

Cognition design and execute consumption-led sustainability management strategies that drive real efficiencies inside asset-intensive businesses. Cognition utilise pragmatic evidence-led data capture and visualisation, advisory support and change management techniques to sustainably upskill and increase staff confidence. Our E-Optimisation Plan (EOP) integrates proactive and reactive data with user behaviour monitoring and interactive measurement & verification. Cognition’s portfolio of algorithms optimise energy, water and resources against production to deliver event-tracked identification of sub-optimal resource consumption. We combine Smart IoT (Internet of Things) wireless data collection, big data advanced analytics, cloud-based data insights, tailored KPI’s and real-time intelligent alerting to facilitate lean decisions. Our uniqueness is an ability to map the impact of machine, process and human performance with energy & site consumption data to identify the root cause of waste long before ‘human’ consultants.

  • SPECIALIST - Resource Optimisation using Industry 4.0 Solutions
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