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In order to become listed on this directory, service providers must demonstrate expertise and experience in each area they are listed for. The agencies convene two meetings a year with the directory members to discuss the Lean and Green programmes and to identify areas for development within the Service Provider cohort. The performance of service providers is tracked and monitored, providing a degree of quality assurance. The creation of the Lean SWIFT guide, NSAI SWiFT 11:2013, Driving Competitiveness using Lean, means that the service providers working as part of the national lean effort are basing their work on a national guide, ensuring you are “not being sold an old piece of rope”.

The wide geographic spread of service providers lets you choose a service provider close to your business. The broad spread of experience and expertise on offer allows you to identify a service provider with the background, scale and expertise to best suit your current needs.

Lean Service Providers Directory : profiles provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with Lean projects.
Green Service Providers Directory: profiles provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with Environmental projects
Specialist Lean Service Providers Directory: profiles provided by each service provider on their specialist expertise that supports lean implementation.

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Xpertivity Limited

Xpertivity are a team of experienced Master Practitioners in the core disciplines of Lean Enterprise Excellence including Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Organisational Development and Systems/Joined-Up Thinking.

Founded in 2003, we have an exceptional track record of helping Service and Knowledge Work Organisations to dramatically achieve and sustain high performance across all their key performance dimensions, quickly.

Our team have an extensive record of "real world" management experience and successes behind them and are certified (black belt and master black belt) practitioners from internationally recognised bodies.

We provide a complete suite of service offerings including professional services, technology solutions and learning & development. We focus on helping our clients embed the skills and competencies of Lean Enterprise Excellence across their organisations so that they can grow and develop.

Our engagements have ranged from "whole organisation" transformation programs to smaller bespoke interventions to help organisations fix problems or simply "try Lean".  We have helped clients survive dramatic downturns in business and helped others to grow market share quickly in boom situations.

Our clients range from large government institutions, banks and insurance organisations to owner managed SME’s and come from diverse sectors and sizes. Regardless of their sector or size, our clients typically see improvements across their key performance indicators (KPI’s) of 15%-25% within 6 months.

  • LEAN - Agile Business, LEAN - Business Process Tools & Technologies, LEAN - Finance, LEAN - HR, LEAN - Lean Software Supports, LEAN - Logistics, LEAN - Management Information Systems (MIS), LEAN - Marketing, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Quality, LEAN - Sales, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Supply Chain, LEAN - Visualisation of MIS
Sectoral Experience
  • Main Contractor Design & Build, Sub-Contractor Design Engineering
  • PC Manufacturing
  • Contract Build Design Engineering
  • Clinical Trials
  • Back Office Operations, Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain
  • All Service Sectors, Back Office Operations, Construction Sector, Engineering Sector, Financial Sector (Banking), Front Office Operations, Healthcare Sector, Hospitality Sector, Insurance Industry, Knowledge Work Sectors, Public Sector, Shared Service Centres, Utility Sectors
  • Agile, All Software Sectors, IN-HOUSE: Full life cycle software development (DEVOPS), Software Localisation, SUB-CONTRACT: Full life cycle Development Houses (DEVOPS), Waterfall & Mixed Methodologies
  • Call and Contact Centre Operations, National Telecoms Service Providers, Telecoms Infrastructure Providers
Business Profile

EI Clients - 10%, Overseas companies - 15%, Other - 80%

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Your Partner in Lean Limited

Your Partner in Lean Limited (YPILL) is a Lean Consultancy Business specialising in the Food Sector. We have the expertise and experience in the successful implementation of Lean from introductory Lean Training right through to full Lean Business Transformations with a proven record of saving Clients millions of euro per annum.

  • LEAN - Environment/Sustainability, LEAN - Factory Layout, LEAN - Finance, LEAN - HR, LEAN - Lean Software Supports, LEAN - Logistics, LEAN - Management Information Systems (MIS), LEAN - Marketing, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Procurement, LEAN - Product/Service Development, LEAN - Quality, LEAN - Sales, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Supply Chain
Sectoral Experience
  • Factory Extensions, Factory Layout
  • Computer Peripherals, Contract Electronic Manufacturing, Semi-Conductors, Semiconductors
  • Barcode Printers Manufacture
  • Animal Feed, Dairy Food Ingredients, Dairy Products
  • Bio Technology, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical
  • Peat Processing Equipment, Sugar Manufacturing
  • Project Management, Retail Stores
  • Software Production
  • Systems Network Manufacture, Wireless Radio Manufacture
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