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In order to become listed on this directory, service providers must demonstrate expertise and experience in each area they are listed for. The agencies convene two meetings a year with the directory members to discuss the Lean and Green programmes and to identify areas for development within the Service Provider cohort. The performance of service providers is tracked and monitored, providing a degree of quality assurance. The creation of the Lean SWIFT guide, NSAI SWiFT 11:2013, Driving Competitiveness using Lean, means that the service providers working as part of the national lean effort are basing their work on a national guide, ensuring you are “not being sold an old piece of rope”.

The wide geographic spread of service providers lets you choose a service provider close to your business. The broad spread of experience and expertise on offer allows you to identify a service provider with the background, scale and expertise to best suit your current needs.

Lean Service Providers Directory : profiles provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with Lean projects. We have also provided a downloadable excel spreadsheet listing lean service providers. This can be downloaded here.

Green Service Providers Directory: profiles provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with Environmental projects We have also provided a downloadable excel spreadsheet listing Green service providers. This can be downloaded here.

Specialist Lean Service Providers Directory: profiles provided by each service provider on their specialist expertise that supports lean implementation.

Please ensure you carefully read the Guidelines for Use of Service Providers Directory prior to selecting from the list of service providers.

Lean Business Ireland/Enterprise Ireland/IDA Ireland does not give any warranty, either express or implied, as to the qualifications or suitability of any of the persons/firms on the list of service providers and nor are they liable for any loss and/or damage caused by a company’s decision to retain the services of such a service provider.

Thrive Consulting

Founded over 20 years ago, thrive Consulting works with organisations of all sizes, in all industries and in many countries across the world. We bring value by enabling individuals, teams and organisations improve their performance in a proven, practical, sustainable way. We specialise in five areas:
• Coaching
• Leadership & Management Development
• Psychometrics & Facilitation
• Team Building
• Team Development
Our typical approach blends different methodologies and practices based on our knowledge, experience and research into current and emerging developments. While we value and incorporate theoretical inputs, we believe that people learn best by doing and that all organisation development initiatives must have a practical outcome that ultimately enables the organisation to do its business better.
We have a proven track record of developing new and innovative learning and facilitation processes and are committed to our ongoing professional development.

  • specialist, SPECIALIST - Communications, SPECIALIST - Conflict Resolution, SPECIALIST - Human Resources, SPECIALIST - Leadership, SPECIALIST - Psychometric Testing, SPECIALIST- Organisational Development, SPECIALIST- Team Development
Sectoral Experience
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TIO Consulting Limited

TIO Consulting was founded on this belief: For organisations to create and sustain competitive advantage, the dynamic relationships between Teams, Individuals and the Organisation need to be optimised.
By bringing energy, passion and creativity to learning and development, TIO Consulting enables organisational effectiveness and long-term business success with our clients. We are passionate about People and Team Development.

Services offered:
Teams: Team Development, Team Diagnostics, Team Coaching & Team Strategy
Individuals: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Coaching Supervision & Mentoring
Organisations: Organisational Strategy, Talent Management, Leadership Development & Programme Evaluation

Our Approach:
There are compelling reasons to choose TIO Consulting to address your Learning and Development Requirements, based on our unique approach in the marketplace. We are proud of our strong reputation based on the following factors:

We have robust, tried and trusted experience in this specialised field.
Proven track record of achieving excellent business results with teams and organisations nationally & internationally.

We operate a flexible, needs-driven, customised approach through close partnering with our clients. We don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions.

We believe that change happens in relationships; so we pay attention to building strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

We strongly encourage and support the development of your internal capability.

In brief, we deliver excellent results in partnership with our clients every time.

  • SPECIALIST - Change Management, SPECIALIST - Human Resources, SPECIALIST - Leadership, SPECIALIST- Team Development
Sectoral Experience
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Titan Logistics

Titan works collaboratively with each client combining Lean Principles and strategic thinking to pinpoint areas of opportunity within your business. As a 4PL solutions provider we utilize a number of leading-edge, exclusive technologies to realign your business. Titan’s service offerings include:

Lean Supply Chain Consulting Services: Titan consulting services enable customer organisations achieve breakthrough performance improvements, as well as cost and working capital reductions through Lean Six Sigma Supply Chain programs. Customers can engage Titan to either develop the necessary Lean Six Sigma infrastructure, resources and internal expertise or directly drive towards achieving the required improvements. Employing a collaborative, results-oriented implementation approach, Titan ensures clients proceed from strategy to implementation and delivery of sustainable results while adapting to changing market and customer needs over time.

4PL Solutions: Titan is asset light, carrier neutral and equipped with cutting edge technology platforms and broad industry expertise. Titan structures and delivers complex 4PL service solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. Operating as your primary outsourcing liaison, we provide a single point of contact and control across your entire supply chain network.

Inventory Optimisation: Titan takes a total view of all inventories (materials and finished goods) as part of a multi-echeloned approach to identify your business’s inventory needs. Our advanced analytic tools pinpoint improvement opportunities based on systematic analysis of inventory movements coupled with tailored inventory "burn-off" programs and monitoring of ERP.

Network Design: Titan’s Network Analysis service employs software tools and specialist industry knowhow to deliver significant reductions in supply chain costs and improvement in service levels. Titan’s software combines high impact visual displays with powerful data analytical capabilities to enable scenario planning and what-if analysis.

Freight & Warehousing: Complete access to Titan’s bespoke multi-carrier, cloud-based control tower, Titan’s network of global carrier partners ensure your business has flawlessly agile, responsive and efficient freight and warehousing solutions.

Your business has its own unique goals and challenges. We create each Lean Supply Chain Solutions to fit those perimeters. Contact us to discuss how Titan can help your business.

  • SPECIALIST - Supply Chain
Sectoral Experience
Business Profile

IDA Clients - 60%, EI Clients - 20%, LEO Clients - 10%, Overseas' Companies - 10%

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TMI Ireland


TMI Ireland are part of the international TMI (Time Manager International) Group. We are a global training and consulting company specialising in organisational change.

We pioneered the Time Manager system forty years ago and work with companies to improve personal, team and organisational productivity through training, consulting and coaching support.

We also work in the area of Quality and Service improvement and so our work addresses directly the issues raised by LEAN interventions. While we use process mapping and value stream analysis highlighting value added and non value added activities, we focus also on the "soft skills" required to implement changes. Leadership , coaching, performance management, influence and persuasion, etc.

We have worked in Ireland since the late eighties and completed projects with companies such as Microsoft, Vodafone, Siemens, Abbott, Irish Dairy Board (Ornua), Supervalu and the like.


  • SPECIALIST - Change Management, SPECIALIST - Communications, SPECIALIST - Human Resources, SPECIALIST - Leadership, SPECIALIST - Project Management
Sectoral Experience
Business Profile

Overseas' Companies - 33%

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Tom Murphy Lean Six Sigma Consultancy

Tom Murphy Lean Six Sigma Consulting is a coaching based hands-on consulting firm with extensive Lean Six Sigma implementation and Management experience. I have acquired a broad range of experience working with clients ranging from small, Irish owned indigenous companies to Fortune 500 companies. I work with my clients to transform their business using Lean principles, implementing the best system for fulfilling the Value Proposition of the customers they serve.

The Lean Transformation will consist of both system and process changes that can only be realised through system driven leadership and committed people. I am using a learn-by-doing approach, will provide my clients with the purpose and skills to embrace this change.

This transformation will yield Customer Focused Strategic Advantage, Operational Competitiveness and a Continuous Improvement Culture.

  • LEAN - Logistics, LEAN - Manufacturing Operations, LEAN - Marketing, LEAN - Sales
Sectoral Experience
Business Profile

SME 80% Large 20%

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Toward Zero Carbon Ltd

Energy Management, ISO 50001

  • GREEN - Energy Management Systems
Sectoral Experience
  • Abattoirs, Dairy Processing, Drinks Industry, Retail
  • Chemical, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical
  • Health, University Campus
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Toyota Lean Management Centre

The Toyota Lean Management Centre provides Training Workshops in : – Lean Management, Effective Line Management, Kaizen, Standardized Work, Practical Problem Solving, Material & Information Flow, Effective Maintenance and 5s.

Workshops take place at the Toyota Engine Manufacturing plant where we can utilise shop floor to exhibit best practice. Some workshops can take place on client’s premises.

We also offer transformation programs consisting of :-
Business Diagnostics (3 Days) + Bespoke Training + On Site Coaching. Programs timescale range from 1 to 12 weeks.

  • LEAN - Factory Layout, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Quality
Sectoral Experience
  • Toyota Production System TPS
Business Profile

EI - 80%, IDA - 20%

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TPF Consulting

TPF Consulting works with clients using Lean tools & techniques resulting in improved business performance. We meet with you the customer to review your specific requirements and then establish an improvement roadmap for your company to achieve its goals. Services provided include:

  • Developing client continuous improvement/lean transformation strategies and associated roadmaps
  •  Providing guidance on site operational performance metrics selection and associated improvement project selection
  • Lean & Six Sigma Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring of company staff on Lean & Six Sigma tools & techniques
  • Facilitation of client Kaizen workshops
  • Change Management
  • Assist clients with application for EI/IDA funding

A company’s people are its most important asset, we engage with your people to empower them!

  • LEAN - Factory Layout, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Quality, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Supply Chain
Sectoral Experience
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