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In order to become listed on this directory, service providers must demonstrate expertise and experience in each area they are listed for. The agencies convene two meetings a year with the directory members to discuss the Lean and Green programmes and to identify areas for development within the Service Provider cohort. The performance of service providers is tracked and monitored, providing a degree of quality assurance. The creation of the Lean SWIFT guide, NSAI SWiFT 11:2013, Driving Competitiveness using Lean, means that the service providers working as part of the national lean effort are basing their work on a national guide, ensuring you are “not being sold an old piece of rope”.

The wide geographic spread of service providers lets you choose a service provider close to your business. The broad spread of experience and expertise on offer allows you to identify a service provider with the background, scale and expertise to best suit your current needs.

Lean Service Providers Directory : profiles provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with Lean projects.
Green Service Providers Directory: profiles provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with Environmental projects
Specialist Lean Service Providers Directory: profiles provided by each service provider on their specialist expertise that supports lean implementation.

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Lean Business Ireland/Enterprise Ireland/IDA Ireland does not give any warranty, either express or implied, as to the qualifications or suitability of any of the persons/firms on the list of service providers and nor are they liable for any loss and/or damage caused by a company’s decision to retain the services of such a service provider.

TPF Consulting

TPF Consulting works with clients using Lean tools & techniques resulting in improved business performance. We meet with you the customer to review your specific requirements and then establish an improvement roadmap for your company to achieve its goals. Services provided include:

  • Developing client continuous improvement/lean transformation strategies and associated roadmaps
  •  Providing guidance on site operational performance metrics selection and associated improvement project selection
  • Lean & Six Sigma Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring of company staff on Lean & Six Sigma tools & techniques
  • Facilitation of client Kaizen workshops
  • Change Management
  • Assist clients with application for EI/IDA funding

A company’s people are its most important asset, we engage with your people to empower them!

  • LEAN - Factory Layout, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Quality, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Supply Chain
Sectoral Experience
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Training Providers Ltd

The company has developed over the last 30 years with a name change from Cregan quality Consultants to its present name Training Providers limited. The expertise is in initially developing quality systems for the food industry i.e. Compiling standards and auditing all areas of the horticultural Sector for Board Bia e.g. mushroom, vegetables, potatoes, nursery, protected crops, fruit, amenity sites and meat sector. In addition, provided assistance in implementing ISO-9001 to numerous companies in the food sector including fresh produce, meat, dairy, processing, dry food, bakeries, ingredient, packaging and general raw material and finished food product manufacturers in Ireland, UK, France, Germany & USA. Over the last 15 years offered consultancy, auditing to BRC standards in BRC systems in Ireland & UK, only certified registered trainer for BRC system in Ireland providing training to all food sectors in Ireland and abroad. Developed a professional, competent group of auditors and consultants to assist in training, consultancy and auditing to international standards. As such we are the only group of certified, registered, trained and approved auditors for BRC based in Ireland. We are the only Irish based certified approved auditors, consultants and trainers. We are unique and offer these services to a large number of companies in the food and packaging and our standards of work is recognised through the food sector here and abroad and out work is used internationally in training in all areas we provide services in to companies.

  • SPECIALIST - BRC Quality Standard, SPECIALIST - Change Management, SPECIALIST - Compliance
Sectoral Experience
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Transform Business Improvement Ltd

Lean transformation, lean construction, collaborative planning, last planner, continuous improvement, kaizen, 5S, 5C, workplace organisation, value stream mapping, process mapping, standardised work, visual management, policy deployment, lean assessment, gateway planning, collaborative design, collaborative costing, problem solving, quick changeover, facilities, lean training, lean coaching, supply chain development, productivity improvement, quality improvement, six sigma, systems thinking, performance measurement, method study, Kanban, just-in-time, care pathway, flow, value, 8 wastes, facility layout, construction, civils, health, utilities, manufacturing

  • LEAN - Business Process Tools & Technologies, LEAN - Factory Layout, LEAN - Logistics, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Procurement, LEAN - Product/Service Development, LEAN - Quality, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Supply Chain, LEAN - Visualisation of MIS
Sectoral Experience
  • Care Homes, City Centre Regeneration, Civils, Highways, Highways Maintenance, Hospitals, Hotels, House Building, Nuclear, Project Management, Schools, Street Lighting Renewal & Maintenance
  • Aerospace, Automotive, Furniture, OEM, Processing Industries
  • Health, Utilities, Water Supply
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Overseas Companies - 100%

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Traynor Environmental Ltd

We offer a wide range of Environmental Services including: Environmental Impact Statements, IED- IPPC and Waste Licenses, Waste Facility & Collection Permits; Environmental Monitoring; Ecological Assessments, Bund-Tank Integrity Assessments, Contaminated land investigations, Site Suitability Assessments, Ecological Assessments, Occupational Noise & Dust. Other Functional Experience: Waste Audits

  • GREEN - Environmental Management Systems
Sectoral Experience
  • Abattoirs, Dairy Industry, Hospitality Sector, Restaurants, Snack Foods
  • Construction, Electrical Transformer, Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Road/Quarry
  • Commercial, Engineering, Government Bodies, Industrial, Public Sector
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TW Performance Solutions Ltd

TW Solutions offers a hands-on, Lean-practiced, Senior Business Transformation professional with a proven track record in delivering high impact Lean transformations. TW is a results focused & proficient communicator who collaborates with company seniors to deliver transformations that empower and encourage all employees to drive significant and continuous business performance improvement.

She has 27 years experience working, leading and consulting in a services environment including 9 years experience delivering Lean transformations. The results speak for themselves – achieved productivity gains of 23% on average across 35 different services operations teams & businesses.

Training modules designed to produce practical outputs and actionable next steps. Build lean capability through classroom training followed by coaching and applied learning.

Held a number of operations management positions over a 20 year period before transitioning to lead a regional business transformation programme in November 2009. This rare skill combination enables TW to understand business transformation from a number of different perspectives. Understanding and appreciating the daily challenges Operations teams face features in the design of all TW Performance Solutions’ Lean service offerings.

Specialties: Lean Transformation, Lean plus, Lean Start, Change Management, Business Process Improvement, Performance Strategy, Business Stabilization & Development, People Development, Cultural change, Kaizen Events.

  • LEAN - Finance, LEAN - HR, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Product/Service Development, LEAN - Sales, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Visualisation of MIS
Sectoral Experience
  • Financial Services (Mainly Large Multi-Nationals), Global FMCG, IT Solutions Providers (Mainly SMEs undergoing significant growth)
Business Profile

EI Clients - 50%, Overseas Companies - 50%

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Umstot and Facilities Solutions LLC

Our team’s experience, expertise and qualifications are specific to the AEC sector and come from a 360 degree perspective (i.e. trade, design, management and executive level experience in engineering, construction and facilities management roles as well as leadership roles planning and delivering multi-billion dollar (euro) Government sector capital programs)
David Umstot is the lead author of the book titled Lean Project Delivery | Building Championship Project Teams published in 2017. Lead author of the paper titled "Metrics of Public Owner Success in Lean Design, Construction, and Facilities Operation and Maintenance" that was presented and published at the 2014 International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) conference. It is the largest study of public sector Lean project delivery metrics in the United States to date.

  • LEAN - Agile Business, LEAN - Business Process Tools & Technologies, LEAN - Finance, LEAN - HR, LEAN - Marketing, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Supply Chain, LEAN - Visualisation of MIS
Sectoral Experience
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VAE Consultancy

Offering Lean Principles training, consultation, advice, project scoping, teaching lean concepts and how these can benefit your company.  Empowering staff with the use of lean tools to encourage ownership and increase productivity and deliver overall commitment and better customer service.  Experienced consultant with over 10 years’ experience in the printing and labelling industry and a further 20 years’ experience in both Finance and Management. Typical cost and time savings in previous projects have generated in excess of €50,000 as a result of waste reduction and productivity improvements.

  • LEAN - Factory Layout, LEAN - Finance, LEAN - Management Information Systems (MIS), LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Sales, LEAN - Visualisation of MIS
Sectoral Experience
  • Concrete, Roof Tiles and Plastic Moulding
  • Manufacturing of Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Self-Adhesive Label Manufacture
  • Print & Packaging
Business Profile

EI - 55% , LEO - 45%

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Vector Improvements Ltd

Vector Improvements Ltd is a consulting business focused on guaranteed step change operational and financial improvement projects across the Manufacturing Industry. Our offer encompasses people, processes and systems and our fees are contingent on project success.

Vector follow a robust approach to identify the biggest performance issues and provide the coaching and tools to support the business to overcome them. Our methodology is much broader than the principles of lean thinking. Our projects deliver output improvement working shoulder to shoulder with the existing client team to make a sustainable step change. This is centered on the transfer of knowledge to those businesses, building efficiencies into how they operate and ultimately driving their competitiveness and profitability.

Our team has extensive expertise in Sales and Operations Planning, Stock Management, Logistics & Distribution, Procurement, Workforce Efficiency, Process Improvement (LSS), Efficiency Improvement, Leadership Coaching and Team Development.

Our fees are contingent on success so we have been able to grow through a track record of delivering our clients tangible results. To date, new business has been generated solely through referrals. There is demand for our services and our challenge is growing our team of consultants to meet ongoing and planned demand.

  • LEAN - Factory Layout, LEAN - HR, LEAN - Logistics, LEAN - Management Information Systems (MIS), LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Procurement, LEAN - Supply Chain, LEAN - Visualisation of MIS
Sectoral Experience
  • Aircraft Carrier, Non Metallic Minerals Processing Plants - Cement, Sand & Tile Plants
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