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In order to become listed on this directory, service providers must demonstrate expertise and experience in each area they are listed for. The agencies convene two meetings a year with the directory members to discuss the Lean and Green programmes and to identify areas for development within the Service Provider cohort. The performance of service providers is tracked and monitored, providing a degree of quality assurance. The creation of the Lean SWIFT guide, NSAI SWiFT 11:2013, Driving Competitiveness using Lean, means that the service providers working as part of the national lean effort are basing their work on a national guide, ensuring you are “not being sold an old piece of rope”.

The wide geographic spread of service providers lets you choose a service provider close to your business. The broad spread of experience and expertise on offer allows you to identify a service provider with the background, scale and expertise to best suit your current needs.

Lean Service Providers Directory : profiles provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with Lean projects. We have also provided a downloadable excel spreadsheet listing lean service providers. This can be downloaded here.

Green Service Providers Directory: profiles provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with Environmental projects We have also provided a downloadable excel spreadsheet listing Green service providers. This can be downloaded here.

Specialist Lean Service Providers Directory: profiles provided by each service provider on their specialist expertise that supports lean implementation.

Please ensure you carefully read the Guidelines for Use of Service Providers Directory prior to selecting from the list of service providers.

Lean Business Ireland/Enterprise Ireland/IDA Ireland does not give any warranty, either express or implied, as to the qualifications or suitability of any of the persons/firms on the list of service providers and nor are they liable for any loss and/or damage caused by a company’s decision to retain the services of such a service provider.

Advance Consulting

Advance Consulting assists companies in improving Organisational Effectiveness. Typical engagements provide guidance in both business performance management and executive management coaching. We use a hands-on approach focused on achieving results for our clients. Our experience in business practice and in consulting, leveraging best-practice thinking from premier business schools, ensures a high degree of success.

Strategic planning, leadership, culture, high performance teams are the areas we focus on for improvement starting with the CEO and Senior Management Team and working down through the organization. Special expertise in Sales, Marketing and Product Development processes. We have a track record of achieving results for the organisation and a very satisfied client base.

  • LEAN - Finance, LEAN - HR, LEAN - Marketing, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Product/Service Development, LEAN - Sales, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Supply Chain
Sectoral Experience
  • Farm Equipment
  • Artwork Creation Services
  • Enterprise Software Solutions
Business Profile

EI Clients- 90% , IDA clients - 10%

Agile Lean Touch Solutions Ltd

Founded in 2012 Lean Touch Solutions Limited mission is to partner with organisations to improve productivity through the implementation of Lean transformation tools and techniques. Having worked in the Automotive industry (fully immersed in Lean manufacturing) for almost a decade has spent a number of years transferring Lean Six sigma across many industries. In recent years has concentrated on helping organisations improve overall construction productivity through the deployment of Lean Construction & the last Planner System.

Lean Construction implementation.
Lean Six sigma Black Belt projects implementation (any industry)
Lean six sigma Yellow belt training, mentoring to project completion. (any industry)
Lean six sigma Green belt training, mentoring to project completion. (any industry)
Lean Construction Last Planner System Training, coaching through implementation on projects.
Lean Construction Direct Observations improvements.
Business improvement,
Design for six sigma on new product introductions.
Lean Construction Project Planning & executing.
Process improvement.
Lean & six sigma implementation.
Creating environment for Lean Culture change.
Lean Transformation.
Value Stream Mapping.
Process Mapping.
Kaizen events.
lean Digital process change.

Sectorial Experience

Food: Drinks industry - product processing & bottling plant.

Services: Call centre, Fleet management, Finance,Payroll

Manufacturing: Automotive, Medical Device, Modular Building manufacturing.

Construction: Semiconductor facility Lean Construction, Lean Modular Construction.

Engineering: Plant Quality Engineering, Advanced product quality engineering, Process engineering, integrating applications into processes. Engineering process setup for ERP implementation.

Telecommunications: Fibre Broadband infrastructure construction, Fibre Broadband infrastructure design, Broadband, TV installations, Smart Gas Meter installations, Smart Electric meters Installations.

  • LEAN - Business Process Tools & Technologies, LEAN - HR, LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Quality
Sectoral Experience
  • Lean Modular Construction, Main Contractor, Main Contractors, Semiconductor Facility Lean Construction
  • PCB Design and Manufacture for the Automotive Industry
  • Advanced Product Quality Engineering, Embedding Applications within Processes, Engineering Setup for ERP Implementation, Plant Quality Engineering, Process Engineering
  • Bottling, Drinks Industry
  • Automotive, Medical Device, Modular Building Manufacturing
  • Call Centre, Finance, Fleet Management
  • Fibre BroadBand Infrastructure Construction, Fibre Broadband Infrastructure Design, Smart Electric Meters Installations, Smart Gas Meter Installations, TV Installations
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Ailbhe Harrington & Associates Ltd

Ailbhe Harrington specialises in Leadership training, team development, team coaching, coaching styles for managers ( another aspect of the busiesses is training indiviudals to become accredited professional coaches.) Stress managemnt and strengthening resiliences in challenging times.

We also offer Executive 1:1 coaching for senior leaders, directors, board members etc.

  • SPECIALIST - Communications, SPECIALIST - Leadership, SPECIALIST- Team Development
Sectoral Experience
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Almir Business Systems

ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Sectoral Experience
  • Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution
  • Assembly, Engineering, Manufacturing
  • Data Storage, Sales
  • Design, Development Installation
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Ammeon Solutions

Ammeon Solutions Consulting has one focus - to help IT organizations improve their business agility by reducing waste and deliver innovative services faster.
Our Principal Consultants have a wealth of experience guiding digital transformation projects for customers in some of the most challenging sectors, such as Financial Services, Telecommunications and the Public Sector. They draw on their considerable expertise in Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Startup, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, DevOps, Analysis, Data processing, Value Stream Mapping, Process Design, Implementation and Statistical Analysis.
Ammeon Solutions Consulting is backed by a multidisciplinary team of 200 technical professionals who have decades of experience transforming the way our customers design, deploy and operate high-availability production services. Ammeon Solutions Consulting also runs a number of public and private training courses which are held in Dublin City or on customer sites. They are proud to be an open and technology agnostic company that champions Agile, Lean and DevOps practices coupled with open source technology and a continuous improvement philosophy.

  • LEAN - Agile Business, LEAN - Automation, LEAN - Business Process Tools & Technologies, LEAN - e-business, LEAN - Environment/Sustainability, LEAN - Lean Software Supports, LEAN - Management Information Systems (MIS), LEAN - Operations & Lean, LEAN - Quality, LEAN - Strategy, LEAN - Visualisation of MIS
Sectoral Experience
  • Big Data, Communications, Financial Services, Public Sector, Transportation
  • Cloud Service Providers, e-Commerce, Embedded Systems, Financial Services Infrastructure, Telecommunications
  • Fixed Line, Mobile Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Network Equipment Provider, Original Equipment Manufacturer
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Annikaslol provides consultancy services within personal and professional time management using a Holistic approach; focusing not only on time management at work, but also on energy management and on balancing work and life.

The founder has an extensive experience in project- and line management in SW development and Telecommunications, including lean and agile ways of working.

  • SPECIALIST - Agile, SPECIALIST - Time Management
Sectoral Experience
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Antaris Consulting

ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14064, Eco-design, LCA, energy management

  • GREEN - Carbon Management, GREEN - Eco-design, GREEN - Energy Management Systems, GREEN - Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
Sectoral Experience
  • Beverages, Dairy, Warehouse & Distribution
  • Chemicals, Cleantech, Construction, Fabrication, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals
  • Education, Facilities, Healthcare, Leisure and hospitality, Local authority, Transportation
  • Data Centres, Software Development
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Aonach Nua

Aonach specialises in lean software development with a focus on eCommerce. We provide a consultative approach to delivering efficiency through systems integration, digital process automation and a lean methodology of software development.

We work with clients to identify areas for automation and improvement to deliver efficiency, cost reduction and increased accuracy in their systems and processes.

We focus on delivering a strong knowledge transfer with the outputs of our analysis and training documented in a collaborative documentation framework to enable continuous improvement in the processes.

  • SPECIALIST - Agile, SPECIALIST - Process Improvement, SPECIALIST - Project Management, SPECIALIST - Software support, SPECIALIST - Training in SAP/ERP Software
Sectoral Experience
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