This issue opens with an insight into the recently launched EU Plastics Strategy and the ways that green procurement can play a role in helping reach the EU’s various targets – for instance in recycling.

Energy efficient refurbishments of buildings in the Mediterranean area are in the spotlight in this month’s interview. Professor Yorgos Stephanedes – the co-ordinator from the University of Patras (Greece) of the GRASPINNO project – shares his views and experiences on how this area is developing through the project’s actions.

Details of how the City of Munich (Germany) successfully greened its recent school catering services framework contract are provided in the good practice example.

And in other news, you can access the latest EU GPP Criteria published by the European Commission (EC) in January – on paints, varnishes and road markings. Find out about the consultation process for the upcoming EU guidance on socially responsible public procurement, read about the winners of last year’s GPP awards in Cyprus, and discover the opportunity in Finland to take part in a joint procurement process of clean vehicles.

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Source: EU GPP

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