The “Factsheets on Sustainable Public Procurement in national governments” is a supplement to the 2017 Global Review of Sustainable Public Procurement. It features 40 country factsheets that illustrate the current state of sustainable public procurement (SPP) policies, activities, programmes, and monitoring and evaluation systems in national governments around the world. The main research aim of the 2017 Global Review is to explore the progress made in terms of SPP in the past three years at a global scale, highlighting regional trends. This supplement completes this research effort by providing detailed information on the state of SPP in each of the countries that participated in the survey.

The factsheets were drafted between June and September 2016 based on the responses provided by national governments to a questionnaire developed in the framework of the research conducted for the 2017 Global Review. Each factsheet aims to provide detailed information about the SPP-related policies, provisions, laws, projects, activities and monitoring systems in place in each country.

Information of Ireland’s SPP can be found from pages 71-73 of the Factsheets document.

Download the Factsheets on Sustainable Public Procurement in National Governments

Source: SCP Clearinghouse

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