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Webinar: 21st Century Leadership Launch on Embedding Sustainability

September 8, 2021

21st Century Leadership Launch on Embedding Sustainability

– Niall Kelly, The Cube- welcoming address
-Raymond Scahdeck – The importance of 21st century leadership in organisations
-Ravi Fernando – 21st Century Leadership programme outline and why its needed
-Brian Murnane – CMSE/Carbon Action – Future Collaboration with the Cube and involvement in 21st century leadership
-Joe Collum – IDA , Green Economy Investments – IDA strategy for Sustainability and Climate Change
-Kathleen O’ Regan – Enterprise Ireland – Senior Environmental Advisor – Enterprise Ireland supports for low carbon/sustainability

Main benefits of the programme…

• Be a future-ready 21st Century Board Member who appreciates Science and has a Triple Bottom Line mind set.

• Understand how to create a Board response strategy to the climate, health and social, economic emergencies, new technology and geo-political disruptions and strategic governance. Thus ensure sustainable business models are not compromised.

• Develop a company specific 21st Century Board Leadership strategy’ template.