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Digital Construction Summit 2018 – Can Ireland Lead Construction 4.0?

March 7, 2018
Croke Park Dublin, Ireland

Just as other sectors are embracing emerging technologies to aggressively deliver “Industry 4.0?, the construction sector is exploring the potential of “Construction 4.0,” a realm in which laser scanning, drones, real-time data exchange, 4D executions and immediate field-to-office stakeholder communication will be the norm.

Digital technology is transforming the way construction and infrastructure projects are designed, delivered and operated. Ideas that were conceptual only a few years ago are fast becoming best practice across the world. Indeed, Digital transformation within the construction industry is no longer an option but a necessity. However, many in the sector, as a result of internal resistance to change, budget constraints, skills shortages and a very fragmented environment, still find themselves very much stuck in the slow lane. This needs to change.

At the 2018 Digital Construction Summit we will discuss the barriers that must be overcome to ensure the construction industry can effectively catch up with technical innovation and digitalization. We will assess what’s next in the digital roadmap towards BIM and what impact innovations like additive manufacturing, robotics, automation, drones, artificial intelligence, VDC technology and IoT will have on the way in which building projects are planned, funded, designed and delivered.

The Summit will bring together technologists, developers, planners, architects, engineers, contractors, material and solution providers, and other key stakeholders pivotal in the construction supply chain to explore best strategies and solutions to embrace digital transformation for a more productive and profitable future…

In short, the summit offers the perfect opportunity for the entire construction industry ecosystem to come together to update on the latest technologies and discuss how they can be encouraged and used to make Ireland a leader in Construction 4.0.

Topics to be discussed at the summit include:

  • The future of the built environment
  • The rise of Construction 4.0
  • Roadmap to BIM
  • The LEAN journey
  • Recreating our past and reinventing our future
  • A new era for construction stills: how the digital agenda is driving new opportunities for skills and training
  • Laser Scanning Techniques for Job Site Surveying
  • How to make the most out of advanced analytics
  • Insights into next generation field technology
  • Construction industry IT support and real-time collaboration
  • Big Data: Effective ways to control data overflow
  • Material and equipment tracking with the latest technology
  • AI for design and build

This event is designed for anyone in Ireland’s construction’s space. Attendees will include:



-Construction management

-IT professionals


-Infrastructure project leaders


-Plant managers

-BIM Managers


Digital construction professionals