Report proposes actions to improve the implementation of the EMAS scheme

Today the European Commission has published a report presenting the conclusions of the EMAS Fitness Check. The EMAS Fitness Check is an extensive evaluation of EMAS’s function and performance. An important result of the evaluation is that the implementation of EMAS must be improved in order to reach its full potential as a tool for promoting the circular economy. Together with the EMAS Fitness Check, the Commission is has also published the results of the evaluation of the EU Ecolabel scheme.

Among the different measures proposed in the report the Commission aims to support EMAS by reducing the administrative burden for organisations through greater regulatory relief, replicating measures used by the Member States with a significant number of EMAS registrations, and better integrating EMAS into the Green Action Plan for SMEs. By taking these measures, the Commission intends to increase the added value of EMAS and the benefits delivered to registered organisations and authorities.

The Fitness Check report stresses the importance of a close cooperation between the Commission and the Member States for a more effective implementation and uptake of the EMAS scheme. The Commission confirms its commitment to work closely with the Member States and calls upon them to support EMAS.

Fitness Checks are part of the European Commission’s Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT) that was initiated in December 2012. REFIT aims to achieve a simple, clear, stable and predictable regulatory framework for businesses, workers and citizens by analysing the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of EU legislation. The EC has performed Fitness Checks not only on the EMAS and EU Ecolabel regulation but also on many other pieces of EU legislation.

To learn more about the EMAS Fitness Check, we invite you to have a look at the Fitness Check section of the EMAS website. There you will find accompanying documents including the official press release, the Commission’s Report to the Council and Parliament and the supporting EMAS evaluation study.

As representatives of EMAS, we invite you to share the news and your view on the future of EMAS. We would also like to thank all of the organisations and stakeholders who supported this evaluation and reaffirm that your commitment is essential to achieving the EU’s high environmental ambitions!

Source: EU EMAS