The Commission issued a call for expression of interest for supporting stakeholders

In 2015, the European Union adopted an ambitious Circular Economy Package to stimulate Europe’s transition towards a circular economy, with the objectives of boosting the EU’s global competitiveness and generating new jobs. Circular economy aims to minimise the net uptake of resources and their environmental impacts by using resources in loops and avoiding waste along the whole value chain of products and services.

99.8% of businesses in the EU are Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). They consequently have a crucial role to play in the transition toward circular economy. On the other hand, SMEs may lack the financial and technical capacity to do so.

The Commission launched a project to bring assets (e.g. knowledge, networks and tools) to SMEs via support organisations.

For this project the Commission is looking for:

    • SME support organisations (organisations which engage and support SMEs such as sector associations, industry associations, SME umbrella organisations or networks, chambers of commerce) which would like to receive training on the subject of circular economy in order to provide the right information to their members;
    • Circular solution providers (companies which offer sustainable products and/or services) which would like to expand; they will be matched with SMEs willing to implement their solutions;
    • and regional authorities which would like to receive policy advice on how to support SMEs in adopting circular solutions. They will be provided with policy briefs and actions plans to target SMEs.

If you are interested in participating please look for more information and submit an expression of interest before September 18th 2017 by filling in the digital applications that are located at:

EMAS registered organisations are encouraged to apply if they belong to any of these categories. There are many links between EMAS and circular economy and the EMAS Helpdesk is currently preparing a report to highlight the role of EMAS in the transition toward a circular economy. The Helpdesk will present examples from EMAS organisations, including SMEs, and draw recommendations on how best practices can be implemented in organisations. The report will be available in September, so stay up-to-date!

Source: EMAS