Based on volume, Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste is the largest waste stream in the EU – it represents about one third of all waste produced. Proper management of C&D waste and recycled materials – including the correct handling of hazardous waste – can have major benefits in terms of sustainability and the quality of life. But it can also provide major benefits for the EU construction and recycling industry, as it boosts demand for C&D recycled materials.

The overall aim of this Protocol is to increase confidence in the C&D waste management process and the trust in the quality of C&D recycled materials. This will be achieved by:
a) Improved waste identification, source separation and collection;
b) Improved waste logistics;
c) Improved waste processing;
d) Quality management;
e) Appropriate policy and framework conditions.

Wider benefits of the Protocol include:

  • Increased demand for C&D recycled materials;
  • The promotion of (new) business activities and players in the waste infrastructure sector;
  • Increased cooperation along the C&D waste value chain;
  • Progress towards meeting C&D waste targets;
  • Progress towards harmonised EU markets for C&D recycled materials (where appropriate);
  • The generation of reliable C&D waste statistics across the EU;
  • Reduced environmental impacts and contribution to resource efficiency.