Pollinating insects have declined in occurrence and diversity in the EU dramatically. A 2016 IPBES report highlighted that animal pollination plays a vital role as a regulating ecosystem service in nature. Globally, nearly 90 per cent of wild flowering plant species depend, at least in part, on the transfer of pollen by animals. For the corporate sector, the absence of wild pollinators may therefore also generate a risk to security of supply that could result in business disruption and loss of revenue.

The Commission is currently preparing a communication on the new EU Pollinators Initiative about the causes and consequences of pollinator declines, potential mitigation measures and the EU dimension to the problem. In the ongoing consultation on the initiative, it became evident there is a need for a broad range of actions including from the private sector.

The initiative therefore aims to collect best business practice examples of actions that address the decline of pollinators. The EU Business and Biodiversity Platform wishes to contribute to this EU Pollinators Initiative by publishing a list of “business best practices on protecting pollinators”across different economic sectors with a view to incentivise mainstreaming of such practical examples. We would therefore like to hear from you which existing or new initiative your business has undertaken to protect pollinators.

Please share your examples and ideas via email to Lars.Mueller@ec.europa.eu by 31 May 2018 to build up an initial overview of options (while the EU pollinator initiative will continue beyond). The format of your contribution does not matter – we are happy to work with links to your related websites, press releases, guidelines for managing land, documents, etc.

You may wish to share examples at any scale and scope from any sector: be it on-site action creating insect habitats or flowering areas at the company premises or its rooftop, be it companywide measures for a company’s own land or be it management arrangements addressing your upstream supply chain in the agri-food sector or extraction industry.

More information on the issue of pollinator decline and the EU Pollinator Initiative can be found on: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/conservation/species/pollinators/index_en.htm


Source: BICI