The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) produces national statistics on waste generation and management in Ireland to meet legislative reporting obligations and inform policy. This release reports on waste tyres managed in 2014.

Key Trends

  •  27,989 tonnes [ 1 ] of waste tyres were managed in Ireland in 2014. This compares to 24,165 tonnes in 2012[2].
  •  35% (9,880 tonnes) were exported and used as fuel, in comparison to 33% (7,942 tonnes) during 2012.
  •  36% (10,000 tonnes) were crumbed to reclaim tyre constituents during 2014; whereas 41% of waste tyres were crumbed during 2012.
  • 14% (3,913 tonnes) were baled for use in engineering or as ballast.
  • 4% (1,092 tonnes) were untreated and used for engineering and ballast.
  • 6% (1,679 tonnes) were shredded and then exported.
  • <1% (100 tonnes) were prepared for reuse in the State.
  • Total combined exports amounted to 12,688 tonnes (45% of total managed in 2014). This compares to 9,757 tonnes (40% of total managed) in 2012.
  • The majority of exports were used as fuel (35%) with the remainder recycled (8%) or prepared for reuse (2%).
  •  3% of tyres managed were exported without any treatment in the State.

1 All tonnages are approximate.

2 Last reference year for which data were reported by EPA.

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Waste Tyre 2014 data excel

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