The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published environmental data on Ireland’s national pollutant release and transfer register (PRTR). This is a public register of pollutant releases and waste transfers from large industrial activities in Ireland. This information supports EU-wide reporting through the European Commission’s e-Register website, which contains data reported annually by more than 30,000 industrial facilities across the EU.

Covering 91 pollutants from 397 large industrial facilities in Ireland, the data indicates trends across a number of key parameters. In particular, there is a trend towards recovery treatment rather than disposal in hazardous waste management for relevant facilities. It also shows that recovery of hazardous waste within Ireland increased by 49 per cent in 2016. In addition, the total hazardous waste transferred outside Ireland for recovery increased by 33 per cent in 2016.

While recovery increased by 5 per cent for non-hazardous waste from relevant facilities in 2016, the total waste transferred from PRTR facilities for disposal increased by 8 per cent. This is reflective of increased economic activity.

Patrick Geoghegan, EPA Senior Manager said:

The register contributes to transparency and public participation in environmental decision-making. The aim of the register is to make information on industrial emissions more accessible and to help the public be better informed. The register is also intended to create greater transparency among stakeholders and incentivise industry to establish clean production techniques and abatement to reduce emissions.

Further information on the PRTR Register is available on the EPA website.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency