EPA Research Climate Call 2017 – Additional Topic on: Air Quality Open Data (Research Fellowship)

We are pleased to announce an additional topic has been added to the EPA Research Climate Call 2017:

Climate 2017 Call – Project 10: Additional Topic on: Air Quality Open Data (Research Fellowship)

The maximum budget for this topic is €150,000.

The indicative timeframe for this topic is as follows:
• 13th June 2017: Call Opening
• 12th July 2017 (5.00pm): Deadline for queries relating to the technical contents of this call
• 19th July 2017 (5.00pm): Deadline for submission of applications by applicants
• 28th July 2017 (5.00pm): Organisation Approval Deadline for authorisation by Research Offices
• July/September 2017: Evaluation Process
• September/October 2017: Negotiation
• November 2017: Grant Award of Successful Project

EPA Research Calls are open to all types of organisations, within and outside of Ireland.

More Information

Research Call 2017 Frequently Asked Questions


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