EPA funded environmental research provides essential scientific support for environmental policy development, implementation and broader decision making. Since 1994, the EPA has funded research that has increased national understanding of our environment, the challenges it faces and responses to these. It has also developed high quality research capacity and supported innovation that is internationally respected. The core funding for the EPA managed research programme is provided by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment.

The tentative schedule for the 2018 EPA Research Calls under its three Research Pillars: Climate, Sustainability & Water is as follows:

  • 23/04/2018: 2018 EPA Research calls opening
  • 25/06/2018: Calls Submission Deadline
  • 06/07/2018: Calls Authorisation Deadline

The 2018 Calls include a Policy Topic-Specific call as well as an Open Call.
More details will be made available on the EPA website.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency