The EPA today published its Annual Report and Accounts for 2016 which highlights the significant outcomes delivered across its core functions, including regulation, enforcement and assessment.

During 2016 the EPA published two key documents, the four-yearly State of the Environment report and the EPA Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2020.   The flagship state of environment report, Ireland’s Environment: An Assessment, is the sixth published since 1995 – more than 20 years ago. Such reports are a critical resource for the State in planning for the next quarter of a century.  The cornerstone of the new Strategic Plan ‘Our Environment, Our Wellbeing’ is health and wellbeing.

Commenting on both publications, Laura Burke said,

“The environmental problems Ireland faces today are increasingly complex and require a cross-sectoral and societal response. The EPA is at the frontline of environmental protection and policing. It is a huge responsibility but one that we don’t carry alone. We are fortunate to work with many other organisations, public, private and voluntary, that support and enhance our efforts at local, national and EU level.

What is clear is that transformational change is now needed.  We alone cannot bring about this change and that’s why we placed a significant emphasis in our Strategy on working with others, including local communities and individuals, to help people to become more engaged, more informed and more energised about the environment. We want people to understand the value of the environment in their lives, and to work with us and others so that problems with the environment can be addressed.”

2016 in Numbers:


  • 165 Environmental licences issued
  • 226 Technical amendments completed
  • 905 radiation licences issued (849 renewals; 56 new)


  • 281 inspections to urban waste water sites
  • 1,552 visits to industrial and waste facilities of which 95% were unannounced
  • 17 prosecutions taken
  • 61 drinking water site audits
  • 15 drinking water Directions issued to Irish Water


  • 46 new research reports published (including 11 on Fracking)


  • 52% decrease in waste being landfilled between 2011 and 2015
  • 4 Landfills accepting municipal waste


  • 22,200 EPA Twitter Followers across 10 Twitter accounts
  • 89 information requests (45 AIE & 44 FOI)
  • 819,000 visits to the EPA website
  • 2,200+ environmental complaints reported via See it? Say it? app


  • 2,000 farmers safely disposed of 200 tonnes of problem & hazardous wastes.

More detail on the Ireland’s Environment report and up-to-date environmental indicators can be found on the EPA website.

Source: EPA