Updated work programme of the Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES) implements tools to improve chemical safety assessment and communication in the supply chain. Its 24 actions until 2020 will help registrants, distributors, formulators and end users to ensure the safe use of chemicals.

An Implementation Plan of the ENES Work Programme describes the concrete actions for 2018. It focuses on enhancing use maps, which provide registrants of substances with information on uses and the conditions of use in market sectors. Other focus areas are making exposure scenarios more understandable and useful, and developing best practices in providing safe use information for mixtures. Emphasis is also placed on the communication between formulators and end users and how each of them processes the safe use information for their tasks under REACH.

The ENES Work Programme is a collaborative effort between ECHA, European industry, Member States and the Commission. It serves to strengthen communication on the safe use of chemicals up and down the supply chain, particularly to make communication on uses and the conditions of use of substances work in practice. The involvement of downstream and end user organisations such as CheMI, FIEC, ORGALIME, UEAPME and ACEA will help to establish good practice.

The ENES Work Programme will run until 2020 and will cover the full supply chain, including the supply of articles.

Source: European Chemicals Agency