Help shape how we develop and share guidance on improving environmental performance by filling in a 5-minute survey

Since 2011, the European Commission has been developing guidance on Best Practices in environmental management for a number of priority sectors, as laid out in the EMAS regulation.

These guides, developed with industry experts for a variety of sectors ranging from tourism to agriculture or car manufacturing, provide inspiration and guidance for organisations on a path to improve their environmental performance, whether engaged in EMAS or not (for EMAS organisations, the best practices are summed up in the EMAS Sectoral Reference Documents).

In the next few months, the first batch of priority sectors will have been covered – but the story doesn’t end there. The Commission is now looking at ways to build on this wealth of knowledge to reach out and expand the impact of Best Practices even further.

We will soon be launching a new approach and format for EMAS Best Practice by developing an online tool that will:

  • make it easier to find and access existing best practice that has been developed for the current priority sectors;
  • streamline the process for stakeholders to provide feedback on the relevance of best practice, how they are implementing it, or how it could be improved;
  • simplify and accelerate the development of new best practice across sectors, to make it more quickly accessible to a broader audience and make it easier to update state-of-the-art knowledge.

Based on the experience of having developed the best practice for the 11 priority sectors, the Commission is now reimagining the way it works with stakeholders to set up a more relevant and updated platform.

YOUR feedback will be greatly appreciated at this critical stage to indicate how to reshape EMAS Best Practices in the most valuable way. 5 minutes is all it will take you to complete the online survey and feedback what makes most sense for you.

Please respond by 15th December!

The Commission is looking forward to hearing from you and working on the new, improved EMAS tool. In case of any question or comment, please e-mail the Joint Research Centre (JRC) team in charge of developing the best practice and the new format at you very much in advance for your participation!


Source: EMAS