The Energy Efficiency Data Hub is a new online tool developed by the European Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). With interactive maps, key data and statistics, this application features the energy efficiency projects co-funded under Horizon 2020 programme. Several of these projects deal with the energy efficiency in buildings.

With this application it is now possible to simply search and filter projects by topic (buildings, consumers, heating & cooling, industry, products & services, innovative financing public authorities), country, project type, year (start or end date) and budget range. Users can do this by clicking on the blue arrow on the left side of the map.

Besides this, each project has a summary that includes some information about the project, the participants and a link for their website. This means that in a few clicks, users will be able to find lots of useful data! Statistics and figures are also available by clicking on the graphic icon on top left menu.

Furthermore, users  can embed the application to their website and allow theri visitors to benefit from the interactive tool.

For further information or to access the tool, please visit the relevant EASME webpage at the link

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Source: Build UP