2016 was another important year in raising the organisation’s profile at a national level. The network published a White Paper on reuse, recycling and social policy, held a very successful conference on Business models for reuse, hosted the European RREUSE network meeting, worked with the three regional waste authorities on Ireland’s first Reuse Month October, revamped the CRNI website and was awarded Green Enterprise funding for a Quality Mark research project from the EPA.

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This document offers some background on CRNI and summarises the network’s main activities which took place during 2016.

Community Reuse Network Ireland

The Community Reuse Network Ireland (CRNI) is the all-Ireland representative body for community-based reuse, recycling and waste prevention organisations. Since its inception in 2010, the organisation has supported its members and encouraged growth in the sector. With funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, CRNI has grown its membership base, fostered close links with EU and UK reuse networks, organised reuse conferences and participated in a myriad of workshops and seminars.

Source: Community Reuse network ireland