Cré, in partnership with Novamont and SESA has put together a bioeconomy study tour Sunday 15 October  – Tuesday 17 October 2017 to Venice Italy to visit Novamont’s biorefinery and SESA’s integrated composting/anaerobic digestion plant.

The tour is an unique opportunity to have access to Novamont Biorefinery that ferments glucose via E. Coli for 1.4 Butanediol- the only facility in the world that does this.

To best understand the plant view the short animation

SESA will be a real eye-opener to those who had never seen such an integrated plant, one that manages over 500,000 tonnes of brown bin material annually, and produces biomethane, electricity from biogas, high grade compost, district heating and heating for local greenhouses, as well as providing an in-house water treatment plant for effluent- and all topped by solar panels. Details on SESA can be found on here:

To make a booking, please contact Sinead-

Download Cre Bioeconomy Study Tour Brochure  [pdf 984kB]

Source: Cré

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