From next week, disposable single-use cups will be no longer be available at Cork City Hall. It’s understood that Cork City Council is the first local authority in Ireland to take this initiative. As part of this coffee cup ban, Cork City Council staff are being encouraged to use environmentally friendly reusable cups instead.

Free reusable cups were distributed to staff at Cork City Hall yesterday.

Cork City Council Chief Scientist Mary Walsh said: “In Ireland, 2 million disposable coffee cups a day are put into landfill. This is a scandalous figure and here at Cork City Council we wanted to do our bit to reduce our environmental footprint by banning disposable cups at City Hall. Also litter surveys have shown that coffee cups are a major source of litter on the outskirts of the city. Cork City Council was spending €700 a month on disposable cups at its canteen and we have spent €3,500 buying 500 reusable cups for staff at City Hall. So we’ll see payback on that reusable cup investment in just five months. It’s a win-win for Cork City Council,” she said.

“We chose ‘keep Cups’ after looking at the various cups on the market: they are the most robust and are made up of only three parts – so they’re very easy to clean. If a staff member forgets their keep cup, they will have to pay an extra 20 cent to use one of the ceramic cups also available in the canteen.